Stacie Williams

 Stacie Williams is looking to fulfil her dream of being a teacher as she graduates with a Foundation Degree in Early Years.


Stacie Williams

“I found university was a big achievement and am excited to graduate after spending three years studying very hard and be able to celebrate all the hard work,” she said.

She is now looking to work as a teaching assistant in a school, with a view to developing her career to being a primary school teacher in the next year or two. “I feel now it is time to move forward and become a teacher which has been my dream since I was young” she added. “This course helps widen opportunities, as with the qualification you receive it helps to put you on the route of teaching.”

Stacie has worked in a nursery for the last five years and chose to do her degree part-time alongside this role. “I wanted to develop my knowledge of childcare and found that doing this course has really helped me as it has helped me to widen my knowledge and apply this into practice,” she added. “Having the option to learn while working really helped with this also.”

Stacie told how studying part-time and working full-time had been quite hard at times. “Working to deadlines was difficult but as long as I planned my time wisely, I was able to complete the assignments on time,” she said. “The research project in Year 2 was one of my favourite modules as it gave you the chance to experience what a dissertation will be like. It also meant I could widen my knowledge of what it is like for a parent with a child in a nursery environment.

“My best memory of the course is making friends of all ages, the course is great for making friendships with people who have had many different experiences from around many different places and being able to share these with one another. The lectures were always fun and memorable.”

During her course, Stacie was diagnosed with dyslexia. “During my studies I found it very difficult with some of the feedback about my punctuation and grammar. The tutors were supportive and this led to me taking a dyslexia test where I found I had dyslexia. I was then given more support which helped with my learning and helped me to achieve the best results possible.”

The University’s annual autumn Graduation Ceremonies will take place as planned from September 12-14 in the beautiful and historic Worcester Cathedral followed by celebration receptions at the City Campus. No Worcester graduates have been affected by the marking and assessment boycott.


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