Our Student Futures Manifesto

Working with Worcester Students’ Union we have written our Student Futures Manifesto for all students at the University. Collaborating with our students, we will deliver each of the actions and regularly revisit our manifesto to ensure students remain at the heart of all that we do. 


At the University of Worcester, we aim to be an outstanding university at which to be a student and are deeply committed to supporting our students to be naturally curious, highly successful, and ethical, global citizens.

Support for students before they reach university

We recognise the importance of providing support for our students before they join us.

Our ‘Welcome Festival’ pages provide detailed and timely information for new and returning students on what they can expect before they arrive at university. The pages help to prepare our students for university study through ‘microlearning’ study skill packages, and it ensure that students are aware that staying safe on campus is a priority. We give guidance and information to equip our students with the knowledge and confidence to ‘call out’ inappropriate behaviours or to seek support if they need it. We share details about our community to reflect who we are and what is important to us.

We believe preparing our students to join or return to our community adds to their sense of belonging.

We will ensure our course pages are updated ahead of each academic year with the key information that students need for a successful start. 

An induction into university life for each year of study

We are committed to welcoming students at each year of their study and providing opportunities for students to maintain existing friendships, build new ones, and develop a sense of belonging within their course and campus.


We will support our students to create and join a range of student-led groups through our Students’ Union.

We will provide an opportunity for every student joining us in their first year to work collaboratively on a shared university topic during their first few weeks: this will provide all students, regardless of course or subject interest, to collaborate with their peers and University staff on a shared initiative or debate.

We will ensure our Welcome Festival is also a ‘Welcome Back’ festival for all returning students, including those who are returning to postgraduate study.

We will provide refresher sessions on study and library skills, and an academic induction relevant to each level of study, and at the most appropriate times during the academic year. We will make sure students know what support is available to them should they need it.

Support for mental health and wellbeing

We have been at the forefront of student mental health and wellbeing nationally and we will continue to develop our services and champion mental health whilst renewing our work in suicide prevention and postvention.

We will embed wellbeing and promoting good mental health into our welcome period and throughout the academic year.

We will actively promote and support a wide range of cultural and religious celebrations, which have previously included:

  • Diwali
  • Holi Festival
  • Black History Month
  • LGBTQ+ History Month
  • University and World Mental Health Day
  • Eid
  • Iftar
  • International Women’s Day

We will ensure all students living in our halls of residence are automatically members of our university gym through an opt-out rather than opt-in scheme, and we will actively promote our gym to all students.

We will increase the range of wellbeing activities on campus and publish a recreational sports calendar at the start of each semester.

We will revise our student charter to reflect our commitment to supporting mental health and wellbeing and sharing our collective responsibility to support early conversations around our own mental health and how to access support on campus and for students studying at partner organisations.

A clear outline of the teaching students will receive and the necessary tools to access it

We will continue to invest in our digital estate to ensure students have the right tools to access learning. This includes further investment in loan laptops and our virtual learning environment.

We will work towards every module outline on every course following the same format.

We will include information and IT support on how to access our virtual learning environment and digital resources on our ‘Welcome Festival’ micro-site.

Activities inside and outside the curriculum that build skills, networks and communities

We will ensure all students living in our halls of residence are automatically members of our university gym through an opt-out rather than opt-in scheme, and we will actively promote our gym.

We will support our students to develop new societies and student groups and encourage their engagement in:

Sports Clubs & Recreational Sport

Varsity Women's Rugby

The Students’ Union sports clubs offer a great platform for students to meet others who share similar sporting interests, and all students based at University of Worcester campuses are eligible to join them. The current list of over 30 sports covers everything from Men’s and Women’s Rugby to Cheerleading, Swimming, and Wheelchair Basketball. Many of our clubs and teams compete nationally against other universities as part of the BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) Leagues and Championships. Students form the committees that run the sports clubs and will receive comprehensive training and support from the Students’ Union to do so.

Course Reps and Department Reps

A Course Rep is a student elected by their peers to represent their cohort's academic views and concerns. Course Reps represent their peers by listening to their views and concerns and then sharing this information with staff who can then act by making any appropriate  changes.

Department Reps provide the essential link between Course Reps and senior members of staff within the School, as well as working with the Vice President Education at the Students’ Union and receive a bursary for their work. We have one Rep per department, who is appointed via an interview selection process. This is a great way to get more involved in University and Students’ Union life and develop key employability skills.


There are over 30 societies available for students to join to meet like-minded friends, supported by the Students’ Union. The societies available come under three categories: general interest; academic; faith and culture. Societies often host events and run charity fundraisers throughout the year for all students to enjoy. As with sports clubs, students form the committees that run societies, receiving training and support from the Students’ Union, and gaining transferable new skills.

Student Networks


Student Networks, facilitated by our Students’ Union, are student-led groups that exist to connect underrepresented areas of the student population, build communities, enhance diversity on campus, highlight current issues, and empower students to act collectively to bring about positive change.

We will develop our alumni networks

We will host and facilitate events on campus to increase the opportunities for students to meet with future employers from a wide range of sectors.

We will run an ‘Entrepreneur and Starting Your Own Business’ week to provide practical advice to students on how to start their own business or private practice and highlight to students the transferable skills they are developing.

We will run events on how to use professional social media for networking and employment opportunities.

We will provide opportunities for students to learn from our alumni and the University’s College of Fellows.

We will annually review our scholarships and discounts for postgraduate study for our students.

Updated September 2023