Relax well


Working or studying can be demanding. Relaxation is an important part of people’s lives as it helps to reduce stress levels, and consequently improves their mental and physical health


Students laugh outdoors while drinking coffee

Here are a few ideas of what you could do to relax during the day:

Walk the University mile – Fresh air increases the amount of oxygen you inhale, which will have an effect on your serotonin levels, the hormone associated with mood and feelings of wellbeing. Walking part or all of the university mile could help alleviate stress and make you feel happier.       

Mindfulness – Practicing mindfulness is a great way to relax the mind and body, have a look at our Live Well page for more information on how to be more mindful.        

Labyrinth – The University Labyrinth provides a walking meditation area in which to reflect and relax. It can be found behind the carpark outside the Woodbury building.  

Socialise – Take time for lunch and have your break with a friend and remember to talk about things that are not work related.

Weekends and Annual Leave

Of equal importance is to switch off from study or work at weekends to maintain a healthy life balance. Similarly, annual leave should be a time to relax and if you complete any urgent tasks in the week before you go, you won’t be tempted to do them whilst you are away. If you turn on your out of office, people will see that you are not available and, if urgent, will contact someone else involved. It should also mean that there is no reason for you to be tempted to read your emails.

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