The University promotes sustainable travel for students, staff and visitors.

Transport-related carbon emissions are the second largest contribution to the University’s total carbon footprint. Many travel carbon savings have already been achieved. The Travel Plan has identified many new activities to help us achieve the following targets. We are working with an EU funded campus sustainable mobility project U Mob and have this agreed action plan to help decarbonise travel. There are further details in our Mobility PlanRead about an example of a new pedestrian and cycle route and EV charging installation of 100 chargers.

Transport and travel SMART Targets

Two men stands outside in front of some bicycles

Our current targets and some examples of how we are going to achieve them can be accessed through the sustainability targets document.

Woo Bike share

We have Woo Bike share so you can have worry free cycling for a year.  For £45 you gain annual membership, get a free cycle helmet and free set of lights.  You can hire pedal and e bikes as many times as you like for the one payment.     

This map shows the location of all the covered secure cycle storage and all the cycle hoops and bike self service station. 

Cycle to Work Scheme

The cycle to work scheme is open to all University employees, on one year or longer contracts, providing a tax exemption to staff for the hire of cycles and cyclist safety equipment, up to the value of £2,000 and includes electric bikes (e-bikes). For further details please see the Cycle2Work Guidance  or contact 

First Bus promotions

For further information please see the First Worcestershire website.   

As part of the development of Severn Campus, we are pleased our Green Level Modeshift STARs accreditation has been approved