The University promotes sustainable travel for students, staff and visitors.

Transport-related carbon emissions are the second largest contribution to the University’s total carbon footprint. Many travel carbon savings have already been achieved. The Travel Plan has identified many new activities to help us achieve the following targets.

Transport and travel targets

Two men stands outside in front of some bicycles

Transport SMART targets for 2019/20:

  • 25% reduction absolute tCO2e emissions from staff and students’ commuting to University on a daily basis by 2020 from a baseline 2010/11 of 6,843 tCO2e

How are we going to achieve these targets?

  • Review Sustainable travel plan and implement in 2020
  • Pilot Rail2Ride bikes for intersite travel with West Midlands Railways by summer 2020
  • Review bus usage and investigate bus promotion offers to incoming students to discourage them bringing cars when attending university
  • Implement 31n Night Bus pilot in September 2019, review and consider extension of pilot into semester two 2020
  • 20% reduction in the percentage of staff travelling by car alone to work by 2020- i.e. a reduction from 55% in 2012 to 44% by 2020
  • 20% reduction in the percentage of students travelling alone by car to the University by 2018 - i.e. a reduction from 24% in 2011 to 19% by 2020
  • From 2017 we will achieve a 10% reduction in the percentage of students travelling alone by car between their home address to term time address by 2020

Woo Bike share

We have car share, Woo Bike share so you can have worry free cycling for a year, cycle to work to help you purchase your own bike and subsidised bus tickets. The  is offered by the University of Worcester to promote healthier journeys to work and reduce environmental pollution. 

The scheme is open to all University employees, on one year or longer contracts, providing a tax exemption to staff for the hire of cycles and cyclist safety equipment, up to the value of £1,000 and includes electric bikes (e-bikes). Contact for more information.

First Bus promotions

Due to the current situation, from Monday 23 March 2020, route 31 will not be able to serve the University of Worcester Campus.

Journeys outbound from Worcester are not affected.

Inbound, the buses are not able to serve stops at:

•            University Henwick Gate

•            University Student's Union

•            Oldbury Road/University Gates

For journeys to Worcester from these stops you can:

•            Board at Oldbury Road/University Gates (and travel around Henwick Park before returning to the city centre)

•            Walk to alternative stop at Henwick Road (Holywell Hill)

•            From Thursday 26 March, buses will operate as a '31A' and will not serve Laugherne Road

For further information please see the First Worcestershire website.


Two special tickets are available exclusively for University of Worcester students and staff;

  • The 10 Journey tickets allow travel on any First bus service in the Worcester City area for £7.50.  The 10 journey special is only available as an mTicket purchased through First bus app and requires a University of Worcester email address.
  • FirstSemester tickets allow unlimited travel on all First local bus services in the Worcester City.  Semester tickets cost £115 and can be purchased via the First Bus App.

Standard academic year ticket – start 30th August until 31st July.

Our targets

Download our full current qualitative and quantitative targets and progress against targets from Carbon Management & Targets page.