Woo Bike Share offers a great deal to students and staff who want to get about on two wheels.  The 100 bike fleet has 50 pedal bikes and 50 electric e-bikes.
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Why cycle to University? 

Cycling is a convenient low cost way to get healthier and happier. Riding an e-bike is great fun. Cycling 2 miles takes about 15 minutes, making it one of the quickest ways to get between University of Worcester campuses and through the city.

Who can participate?

All students and staff can join Woo Bike Share, no matter whether new or existing, undergraduate or postgraduate, full-time or part-time, home, EU or International.  Membership is on a first-come first-served basis, so be quick.

How does the Woo Bike Share scheme work?

  1. Students and staff join by paying a £45 annual membership via the online Woo Bikes system
  2. To start your membership, collect your FREE helmet and lights from the Bike Shop.
  3. Collect the key from any 24/7 hub City or St Johns's reception
  4. Hire pedal bikes up to 7 days and e-bikes at no extra cost for 24 hours.
  5. After you've used it, return the bike to any of our hubs and hand in the key (and battery for e-bikes).

All bikes are ready to ride, and come complete with lock, mudguards, rack (pedal bikes only) are checked annually and maintained by Spokes.  Please remember to tell reception if there are faults with the bike so that it can be repaired before being issued to another member.  

Once you have paid online woo bike members can access the bike shop Wednesday lunchtimes between 12.00-2.00 to activate your membership, collect your free helmet and lights, before you can take out a bike.

Read our Woo Bike loan membership agreement terms and conditions for more information.    


Late return of bikes will generate a fine of £2 a day for pedal bikes and £4 a day for e-bikes.  Fines must be paid online in the bike share system before rehiring a bike.