The National Health Service (NHS) is the system that UK residents use to access physical and mental healthcare services in the United Kingdom. As an international student, the care that you can access, and its cost, depends on your status in the UK.


For detailed information about your elegibility for healthcare and free medical treatment, please read carefully the report provided on UKCISA website- Keeping Healthy

In the UK doctors are called General Practitioners (GPs) and they are usually based in Health care Centres called ‘Surgeries’. If you have an accident or need urgent treatment, you should go to an Accident and Emergency unit in a hospital. You can call an ambulance by dialling 999. 

Registering with a GP

We advise all students to register with the local medical services so that you can easily access medical assistance as and when you need throughout your study. 

When registering, you will be asked to fill out a couple of forms to provide them with your contact details and medical history.  Some surgeries may ask for proof of identity when you register.

Local GP Surgeries  

Nearest surgeries to St John’s Campus

Henwick Halt Medical Centre 
1 Ingles Drive 
Telephone: 01905 422 883 

St John’s House Surgery 
299 Bromyard Rd, Worcester WR2 5FB 
Telephone: 01905 421 688 

Nearest surgeries to Halls of Residence in the City Centre

Haresfield Surgery 
37 Newtown Road – Tel. 0845 450 1924 

Spring Gardens Group Medical Practice 
Spring Gardens 
Telephone: 01905 744 400 

Farrier House Surgery 
Farrier Street - register and book online
Telephone: 01905 879 100 

If you are an international student and are studying for more than 6 months, you can register at these surgeries. They will also accept students who have their own medical insurance. 


 A full list of local GPs, and hard copies are also available from Firstpoint. 

Other Medical Care in Worcester

NHS 111

You can call NHS 111 or access the 111 system online if you urgently need medical help or advice but it's not a life-threatening situation. You can also call NHS 111 if you're not sure which NHS service you might need.

Asking a pharmacist for advice

Pharmacists in the UK can give you advice about many common non-emergency minor illnesses. There are many pharmacies across Worcester, including those attached to GP surgeries. 


Worcestershire Royal Hospital – includes Accident and Emergency unit 

Charles Hastings Way, Newtown Road 
Telephone: 01905 763 333 
Further surgeries and hospitals can be found on 

Further information about hospital services is available on the NHS website.


Details of local dentists can be found at 

If you need help in finding a NHS dentist in the Worcester area, telephone: 01905 760 111 or (out of office hours): 0845 609 0669 

For more information please see the International Student Guide app. 

Help with Healthcare costs

As a student you may be eligible to apply for help with the following health care costs: 

  • NHS prescriptions

  • NHS dental treatment 

  • sight tests, classes and contact lenses 

  • travel to receive NHS treatment 

  • NHS wigs and fabric supports 

Apply for help with healthcare costs by completing an HC1 form.  Forms are available from firstpoint or from the Students' Union