Ewa Kedzior

Ewa Kedzior earned a First Class Honours for her excellent academic achievement whilst studying for her degree in Integrated Working with Children and Families BA (Hons) 
Ewa Kedzior

Ewa said: “I am very proud of myself. The First Class came as a shock. I only expected a pass.” 

“I worked full time in a nursery whilst studying for the degree, as well as volunteering with my local Beavers club,” Ewa added. “It was hard especially during lockdown when nurseries stayed open. I studied late at night, or on what was left of my weekends.” 

“I knew studying full time while having a young family and working full time would be a challenge but I've never imagined I would be able to achieve a First Class honours. I owe it to the great support of my husband, University friends and tutors.” 

Ewa is currently working in a local school, but she has aspirations to become an Early Years teacher one day, “but for now I keep my options open to see where this qualification will take me,” she said. 

Although Ewa, who came to the UK from Poland in 2006, has very little by way of free time, she finds time in her busy schedule to volunteer on Saturdays at Worcester’s Polish Saturday School. 

“I’ve supported Polish Saturday since 2008,” she said. “We teach Polish language, Polish history and culture to children who are growing up in England.” 

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