Ellie Dowsett

Ellie Dowsett

Ellie Dowsett achieved a First Class Honours in Primary Initial Teaching Education (with QTS) BA (Hons).

“When I opened my results, I did not believe they were mine, I had to double check the name to confirm. It still feels so surreal that at 21 years old, I have a First-Class degree and I am a Primary School teacher.”  

“At the start of the year, I was on a three-month block teaching placement. This ended on the day that the schools closed, so luckily I managed to get all of my placement in. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this, but I cannot wait to be able to graduate properly and celebrate with my fellow cohort.” 

Ellie secured her first teaching role in a primary school upon completing her degree and she is loving every minute of it.  

“Everything seems to have fallen into place and I feel so lucky to be working alongside a highly experienced and supportive team in my new school,” she said. “Long-term I would like to work my way up in the education sector. As someone who has had great mentors on teaching practice and is now in my NQT year, I would love to work with trainee teachers, offering them the same support I received.”  

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