Worcester Business School represents a pool of high quality student talent who could help you with your business needs. Our students bring enthusiasm, energy, fresh ideas, up-to-date knowledge and research capabilities to your organisation.

Supporting our students to gain valuable skills and experience through placements or research projects can also help your organisation reflect its ethical commitment to corporate social responsibility.

For more information on placements, internships and graduate recruitment contact the Placements & Internships Manager Janey Robins on j.robins@worc.ac.uk or the Placements Office on placements@worc.ac.uk.

Undergraduate Student Placements

Do you want to introduce fresh, new talent into your business? Recruiting a student on a fixed-term contract (typically between 9 months and a year) can provide a cost-effective solution to your recruitment needs. Offering a placement enables you to tap into a new pool of talent that can make a real impact on your business and improve performance. 

Masters Internship Programme

Do you want to work with our Masters students? Our Masters Internship programme enables companies to benefit from home and international student knowledge and for a 3-6 month period on specific projects in the areas of finance, HR and business management.

The Springboard Programme

Looking for temporary staff for business peaks, part-time work or one-off projects that other staff may not have the time to do? Support your local University by offering valuable work experience to a student via the highly flexible Springboard Programme. Springboard aims to match all sorts of work opportunities with a current student or recent graduate from our Marketing, Advertising & PR, Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Business Management and Computing courses to provide a fresh injection of energy and up-to-date subject knowledge. 

Graduate talent

Are you looking for a graduate to work in your business? We can put you in touch with our graduates to offer your business fresh talent and knowledge to develop and deliver on business strategies.

Careers Fairs

Our Careers Fairs are a great opportunity to meet and potentially recruit some of our best students and to showcase your graduate schemes, programmes and other opportunities. Our students are highly employable, with 96% of Worcester graduates in work or further study 15 months after graduating (Graduate Outcomes Survey 2022). You'll be able to meet students with a wide variety of skills and from a range of courses from across the University. Contact us for the details of the next Fair.

Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP)

KTPs offer a subsidised opportunity to recruit a graduate to develop and transfer their knowledge into business growth and innovation over a 6-24 month period. This represents a longer-term commitment, but with the added benefit of introducing a specialised graduate into your organisation to apply their skills and knowledge over a longer period of time with the potential for long-term recruitment afterwards. Find out more about KTPs.

Get in touch

To find out how we can help your organisation, contact Janey Robins by emailing j.robins@worc.ac.uk

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