Dr Andrew Tomlinson

Andrew Tomlinson

Senior Lecturer

Worcester Business School

Department of Computing

Contact Details

email: a.tomlinson@worc.ac.uk

Andrew has worked on computing projects for over twenty years. His work has included information systems development, systems analysis, IT strategy planning, data science and research. He has worked on systems for healthcare and medical diagnosis, banking, transport, cybersecurity, DNA analysis, and telecoms. Andrew’s PhD looked at detecting cyberattacks in vehicles – a potential huge problem in future driverless cars.


When he is not researching the latest computing developments or planning lectures, Andrew enjoys watching old movies, especially from the silent era, and listening to all sorts of music.

Teaching Interests

Andrew has taught on a range of modules covering systems analysis, systems development, and technology strategy. He enjoys nurturing the students’ interest in the field and getting them to challenge the convention and explore new ideas. Modules he currently teaches on include:

  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Managing Cyber Risks
  • Business Information Systems

Research Interests

Recent projects Andrew has worked on include:

Economic & Consumer Chain Analysis of Secure Hardware: investigating the adoption and value proposition of secure hardware technologies. This socio-technical project involved senior management interviews, questionnaire, and systematic literature review.


Automotive Cybersecurity: anomaly detection methods for detecting automotive cyberattacks. Research involved determining attack scenarios, devising data capture, processing methods, and evaluating anomaly detection methods.


Andrew started his career in medical research and hospital computer systems and is also interested in that area.

Recent Publications

Tomlinson A., Parkin S., Shaikh S.A. (2022) ‘Drivers and barriers for secure hardware adoption across ecosystem stakeholders.’ Journal of Cybersecurity, Volume 8, Issue 1, 2022

Jadidbonab H., Tomlinson A., Nguyen H.N., Doan T. & Shaikh, S.A. (2021) ‘A Realtime In-Vehicle Network Testbed for Machine Learning-Based IDS Training and Validation.’ AI-CyberSec Workshop, 41st SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Dec 2021


Tomlinson, A., Bryans, J. & Shaikh, S.A. (2021) ‘Using internal context to detect automotive controller area network attacks.’ Computers & Electrical Engineering, Volume 91, May 2021, 107048, ISSN 0045-7906.


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Tomlinson, A., Bryans, J. & Shaikh, S.A. (2018) ‘Towards viable intrusion detection methods for the automotive controller area network.’ CSCS 2018: 2nd Computer Science in Cars Symposium - Future Challenges in Artificial Intelligence Security for Autonomous Vehicles. Munich: ACM.


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