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Participant Centred Learning in Management Education (ParCeL) is a Research Group which was first established as a network of researchers and mentors, early career researchers and commercial practitioners in 2016. The research group, based at the University of Worcester, includes research partners from both the UK and Türkiye. Our vision is to promote participant-centred learning in management education through impactful collaborative research. ParCeL focusses on how we understand and deliver impactful teaching and learning in management education and how new signature pedagogies are emerging to re-imagine learner development in new management contexts, including professional education.

Our Aims

We aim to address complex pedagogic questions involving learning, management education and the learner experience through:

  1. Promoting research-inspired learning and teaching.
  2. Working collaboratively on research areas and pursuing research publication.
  3. Working with UK and international partners to bid for research funding to develop collaborative projects.
  4. Undertaking projects that can clearly demonstrate auditable impact.
  5. Showcasing the findings of research through public and community engagement.
  6. Support PhD and post-doc research funding/studentships to broaden support for specific research priorities.

We are keen to work with organisations to promote research-inspired, participant-centred learning and teaching. Details of the expertise we offer and examples of current projects may be found by accessing the drop-down menus below. Please do not hesitate to contact Scott Andrews, ParCeL Research Group leader if you wish to discuss your needs.


Dr Scott Andrews; Head of Worcester Business School and Principal Lecturer in Leadership and Business, provides an insight into the work of the Participant Centred Learning in Management Education Research Group.


Core Members and Expertise

  • Dr Scott Andrews – Case methodologies, executive education and work-based learning
  • Professor Robin Bell – Entrepreneurship education, research methodologies
  • Professor Geoffrey Elliot – Post-Compulsory Education and work-based learning, ethics in education, education and social change
  • John Gardener – Case methodologies, Teaching and Learning: Student Enhancement
  • Dr Carla Solvason – Education, ethical research, educational partnerships, practitioner research
  • Dr Vessela Warren – Innovation management and Coaching
  • Jamie Wells – Accounting education, learning and teaching methodologies and staff development
  • Richard Wilkinson – Learning and teaching methodologies and staff development

Affiliate Members

  • Associate Professor Dr Adil Oran – Middle East Technical University, Ankara – Entrepreneurship education
  • Professor Nazli Wasti Parmasuk – Middle East Technical University, Ankara – Case methodologies
  • Dr Tim Sellick – Kings College, London – Executive education and placements
  • Dr Hilal Terzi – Middle East Technical University, Ankara – Case methodologies

Current Projects

  • Case writing for social entrepreneurship – a case writing project in partnership with TED University, Ankara, funded by Tubitak 2223D.
  • The impact of live case studies on learning in entrepreneurship education in UK/TR – a two-year collaborative project with the Middle East Technical University funded by the British Council Connect4innovation fund.
  • Collaborating over Cases: Developing an International Community to Support Participant Centred Entrepreneurship Education in Turkey. Research contributing to a book chapter with Taylor and Francis
  • The Place for Placements in Management Education – a review of the impact of placements on student performance and the acquisition of employability skills.

For up-to-date details on our latest projects, see our research blog.

Doctorate Opportunities

We welcome interest from potential research students. If you are interested in joining us to study a research degree, then please visit our MPhil/PhD and DBA webpages where you will find more information about how to apply.

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We are an open, diverse and friendly group, so please contact us about our research, knowledge exchange activities and doctoral opportunities. 

For more information about the ParCeL Research Group, please contact Dr Scott Andrews ( Research Group Leader.