All students at the University of Worcester are offered support from central services. On this page you will find links to additional social and academic support which you may need as a student studying away from home, sometimes in a foreign language.

For more detailed information, please consult your SOLE pages or come to firstpoint in the Peirson Study and Guidance Centre on St John’s Campus; our advisers will either help you on the spot or refer you to a specialist if necessary.


As an international student there are many good reasons for getting a UK bank account. It can give you easy access to money whenever you need it and make it easier for paying your fees.

There are many banks in Worcester and St Johns where you can open a FREE current account; if you are willing to pay a small premium each month you can opt for an International Student Account which may offer useful benefits. Be sure that you ask what benefits you are getting for your money. 

Download the BBA leaflet, telling you everything you need to know about opening and using a bank account in the UK.

To open your account you will need to show your passport or national identity card and take a bank letter which can be downloaded from your SOLE page.

There are three cash points on St John’s campus, one in Main Reception and two in the Students’ Union.


Am I entitled to NHS treatment as an international student?

The NHS (National Health Service) is the UK's state health service which provides treatment for UK residents through a wide range of health care services. Some services are free and some have to be paid for. For detailed information about your elegibility for healthcare and free medical treatment, please read carefully the report provided on UKCISA website- Keeping Healthy.

In the UK doctors are called General Practitioners (GPs) and they are usually based in Health care Centres called ‘Surgeries’. If you have an accident or need urgent treatment, you should go to an Accident and Emergency unit in a hospital. You can call an ambulance by dialling 999.

Local Surgeries

Nearest surgeries to St John’s Campus:

Henwick Halt Medical Centre
1 Ingles Drive
Telephone: 01905 422 883

St John’s House Surgery
299 Bromyard Rd, Worcester WR2 5FB
Telephone: 01905 421 688

Nearest surgeries to Halls of Residence in the City Centre:

Haresfield Surgery
37 Newtown Road – Tel. 0845 450 1924

Spring Gardens Group Medical Practice
Spring Gardens
Telephone: 01905 744 400

Farrier House Surgery
Farrier Street - register and book online.
Telephone: 01905 879 100

If you are an international student and are studying for more than 6 months, you can register at these surgeries. They will also accept students who have their own medical insurance.


Worcestershire Royal Hospital – includes Accident and Emergency unit
Charles Hastings Way, Newtown Road
Telephone: 01905 763 333
Further surgeries and hospitals can be found on


Details of local dentists can be found at
If you need help in finding a NHS dentist in the Worcester area, telephone: 01905 760 111 or (out of office hours): 0845 609 0669

Work permits

Non-EU Students

As an International (non-EU) student, if you have student immigration permission that allows you to take employment, you can work up to 20 hours a week during term-time. This depends on when you made your immigration application, where you are studying and the type of course you are taking. You can work full-time during your holidays and on work placements. For more information, please visit the "Can you work?" section on the UKCISA website.

EU Students

If you are an EU student (except Croatian nationals), then you are eligible to work in the UK without restrictions. Croatian students need to obtain a yellow registration certificate to work legally in the UK. You can then work up to 20 hours per week during term time and full-time during the holidays. In order to apply for the yellow registration certificate, you need to complete the CR1 application form available to download from the UKBA website.

Student support

Like home students, international students access student support through firstpoint in The Peirson Study and Guidance Centre or through your SOLE page. If you have questions about accommodation, registration, fee paying, or module selection, come and make your enquiry at the firstpoint desk. If you would like to make an appointment with a Programme Advisor, a Counsellor, an Immigration Solicitor, a Disability and Dyslexia Advisor or a Finance and Welfare specialist, please come to firstpoint and ask how you can access these services.

If you are interested in Study Skills Workshops, part time employment or Study Abroad, you will find information in The Careers and Study Skills Zone within the Peirson Building.

If you would like to find out about faith groups in the university and in Worcester or if you would like spiritual advice please contact the Chaplain on

International Experience offers additional support to international students through a separate induction programme, weekend outings to places of touristic or historical interest and some social events. The team will also support students wishing to celebrate their national days or festivals. Look out for the weekly newsletter in your university inbox to keep up with current events.

The Students' Union International Committee

The Students’ Union has a part time International Officer and an International Committee which looks after and represents international students at the University of Worcester. International Committee officers are current second or third year students from different countries and cultures, whose aim is to enhance the experience of the new international students while settling down in the British culture, here, in Worcester.

The International Committee works with Student Services and the Students’ Union to organise different events such as international parties and student nights out, as well as trips to various places in the UK.

The Students’ Union has many and varied clubs and societies for you to join and meet other like minded people.

For more information about the International Committee, please join the International Committee Facebook page.

International Experience
Peirson Building (PN G008)    
University of Worcester    

Telephone: +44 (0)1905 855146