Xiaoting Ma

A student from Shandong Province in China graduated from the University of Worcester with First Class Honours in November 2021.

Xiaoting Ma

Xiaoting Ma earned her First Class Honours for her Masters in International Business.

“I am very happy and honoured that I can go for a first class degree as this has been my goal for a long time,” she said. “It is very rewarding to work hard to fulfil your dreams.”

Xiaoting is now working as an intern in the marketing department of an investment company, but she has an ambition to return to academia in the future, possibly with a PhD in marketing.

“As I will be studying Marketing at postgraduate level and my undergraduate degree is in International Finance, this internship is a good way to bring the two disciplines together. It has given me a clearer plan for my future career.”

And Xiaoting says that it was attending a summer camp in America aged just 13 that inspired her love of other cultures, a love that, in time, brought her all the way from Shandong Province to Worcester.

“What impressed me the most on the camp is American friends always express their love and praise without hesitation and showoff their skills confidently. In contrast, many Chinese students may seem introverted in public,” she said. “This observation made me realize that different cultural and educational backgrounds have a significant influence on shaping characteristics.”

“From my perspective, each country has its own charming culture worth exploring and learning, which is equal and diverse. Under the impact of globalization, the ties between nations are getting closer. We will inevitably communicate with people from countries all over the world; while the basis of communication is to respect each other's culture. Hence, in order to broaden my international horizons and improve my communication skills, I chose to study at the University of Worcester,” Xiaoting added.

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