Holly Mead

Holly Mead earned a First Class Honours after completing a Film Production BA (Hons) degree at Worcester. 
Holly Mead

“Initially when I read my result, I didn’t believe it,” said the former John Henry Newman School pupil. “I had to double check that I had read my result correctly as it just didn’t seem real. I was so happy no words could come out that could properly explain how I was feeling." 

Holly, who ultimately would like to complete a PGCE and become a drama teacher, is currently working as a Waiting List Officer with the NHS. 

"I was drawn into the world of work as I wanted to go out and try new things before I commit to further studies," she said. "But my ultimate goal remains to be a Drama Teacher, whether that be in 3 years or 10." 

Holly also admitted that studying during a global pandemic had presented certain challenges.  

“Film is a very practical course and COVID created many obstacles that I had to overcome,” she said. “For one module in particular, all students enrolled had to come together to create a short film. The shoot was planned and prepped for, and days before we were scheduled to shoot, the November 2020 lockdown was announced. This meant that all of our plans had to be altered. It was a very stressful time! However, with the help of our great lecturer John, we were able to remain calm and reschedule with very few adjustments to the running schedule.” 

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