Ash Osborne

Former Journalism student, Ash Osborne, is now working as a reporter for a number of newspapers across the Midlands.

Ash Osbourne

Having graduated with First Class Honours, she said: “I really couldn’t believe it! It was really challenging finishing my degree with online teaching, but I’m so proud of myself for coming out with a first.”

“I’m currently a journalist at Bullivant Media, working across titles in the West Midlands and I love it! I’m so thankful for getting a job straight after I graduated and getting my journalism career off the ground.”

With the onset of the pandemic, Ash said the move to online learning proved a challenge to begin with, as the Journalism students had been so used to working as a group in the newsroom. “But we had so much support from our teachers, and were able to contact them whenever we needed help or guidance. It made the whole experience easier,” she said.

Ash looked at a lot of universities in the Midlands, but it was Worcester where she felt at home and was drawn to because of its reputation for journalism. “I was getting really disheartened because I didn’t like any of the campuses I went to and was starting to think maybe university wasn’t for me,” she said. “But I fell in love with Worcester. I loved the teachers I met and loved that the campus had a welcoming feeling. It was also known for its journalism courses and had great links to industry.