Owen Harper

Owen Harper has completed an Integrated Masters in Touring Theatre

Owen Harper

Owen will formally graduate from the University of Worcester with an Integrated Masters in Touring Theatre, which he completed over four years. “I'm happy that Graduation is finally happening,” he said. “I think every 2020 graduate will be happy that their achievements are being celebrated. Personally, I'm also looking forward to saying goodbye to that chapter of my life; it was fantastic, but I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.”

Owen, from Walsall, joined the University after completing his studies at West Walsall E-Act Academy sixth form and described his pre-pandemic time at Worcester as ‘freeing’.

“The pandemic hit in my final year of study; by that point, I think most students are independent enough to adapt to a situation such as that,” said the 23-year-old. “It was somewhat of a strange one, especially on a theatre course that involves a lot of practical group work. But to the credit of all the Theatre and Performance department staff, they made it work.”

Owen is now working as a Creative Producer for Worcester Live, after working as a volunteer with The Swan Theatre.