Long-term conditions

Approximately 15 million people in England, representing 1 in 4 adults, have one or more long-term conditions (LTCs). A LTC is an illness that cannot be cured, but may be controlled with medicines or other treatments. Common LTCs in the UK encompass a range of body systems and disorders spanning: cardiovascular respiratory/ENT, gastrointestinal, renal/urology, endocrine/diabetes, neurological/psychiatric and musculoskeletal/trauma. People living with LTCs face considerable challenges around the management of their long-term physical and mental health.     

About the research group

The ‘Living well with long-term conditions’ LWLTC research group is led by Dr Dez Kyte and Dr Kostas Papadopoulos. The LWLTC group aims to facilitate the development and implementation of high-quality research and knowledge exchange, targeted at helping people with long-term conditions and their families to live well.




LWLTC Group Lead – Dr Dez Kyte PhD – Senior Lecturer and course lead for the MSc (pre-reg) physiotherapy programme, University of Worcester.

Deputy lead – Dr Kostas Papadopoulos PhD - Principal lecturer (physiotherapy) at the University of Worcester and the Head of Department for Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Nutritional Therapy.

Professor Eleanor Bradley PhD - College Director of Research and Knowledge Exchange (Health & Science) and a Professor of Health Psychology, University of Worcester.

Dr Berenice Mahoney PhD - Principal Lecturer, PhD Three Counties Medical School and the School of Psychology, University of Worcester.

Professor Rebecca Stack PhD - MBChB Assessment Lead, School Teaching and Learning coordinator, School EDI Lead and Professor of Student Success and Medical Assessment at Three Counties Medical School, University of Worcester.

Current Projects 





Dr Shirley Evans - Director of The Association for Dementia Studies, University of Worcester. 

Dr Chris Bowers - Head of Dept. Computing, Principal Lecturer, University of Worcester. 

Dr Andrew Morris - Specialist renal dietician, Worcester Acute Hospitals NHS trust.