Association for Dementia Studies staff


The Association of Dementia Studies team in an outside group shot


Head of Association for Dementia Studies

  • Gina Dutton - Head of Association for Dementia Studies

Research and Knowledge Exchange

Admin Team

PhD Students

Associate Specialist

Honorary staff 

    • Dr Nicola Bradbury; Dr Kay De Vries; Neil Mapes 

Honorary Posts with ADS

A number of honorary posts have been developed for outstanding individuals who can bring their specific expertise and knowledge to bear on the development of ADS and its portfolio of work.

Currently Dr Kay de Vries, Dr Nicky Bradbury (previously Clinial Director and Lead Psychologist for Older People, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust), Dr Michal Herz. Consultant - World Health Orgnasation and Neil Mapes, the CEO of Dementia Adventure have honorary contracts with ADS.