Rosemary Davies

Rosemary Davies

MPhil / PhD Student

School of Allied Health and Community

Association for Dementia Studies

Contact Details

tel: 07950523908

Rosemary is a full-time MPhil / PhD student at the Association for Dementia Studies, School of Allied Health and Community, University of Worcester.

Rosemary will be exploring how psychotherapeutic counselling can be of benefit to people who have recently been diagnosed with dementia, this is an area where there has been little research to date. The project will not only focus on the lived experience of counselling from the perspective of the counsellor and the person living with dementia but will also ask people living with dementia what they feel counselling has to offer them. It is hoped that the research will result in the production of resource materials to support counsellors.

Rosemary is supervised by Dr Julie Barrett and Professor Eleanor Bradley.

Professionally, Rosemary is a person-centred counsellor and has worked in the voluntary sector with survivors of domestic abuse and more recently with older clients through Age UK. Previously she was a teacher of children and young adults with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Rosemary’s previous MA research explored the experience of counselling for older people, which is also an under-researched area. The areas of counselling practice Rosemary has been involved in and her research reflect her interest in how listening to the client’s voice research can improve the beneficial outcome and availability of counselling to groups who are presently excluded.


  • BA Art and Design
  • Royal Academy Cert. Art and Design
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Education
  • Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy, Advanced Certificate in Counselling, MA Counselling and Psychotherapy University of East London.