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Research impact

Transformational research

The Institute’s research projects address major global issues of our time.

By pulling together academics working across disciplines to tackle important social, scientific and environmental challenges, this work is making an impact on people's lives and helping to expand our base of world-leading research.

Here are just a few of our areas of specialism, where we are working to improve tomorrow’s world:

Protecting vulnerable species

With at least 35 species becoming extinct every day, our scientists are working hard to understand and preserve many forms of wildlife- from the honeybee to native plant species.

Water where we need it

Parts of the world suffer drought while elsewhere floods present a serious hazard. Helping us address these problems, and the impact of climate change on water supply, experts at Worcester are looking at how we manage the word’s water.

Feeding the planet

Increasing the harvest of nutritionally valuable crops and protecting the delicate environment in Africa is one of the challenges being addressed by Worcester.

Building sustainable societies

With an ageing and growing population, issues such as medical treatments, crime, and nutrition are becoming ever more important. Our scientists and researchers from across the University are looking at these social challenges.