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Dementia Research

Through its research, education programmes and knowledge transfer activities the Association for Dementia Studies has touched the lives of many people since it was established in 2009. It is firmly established as a leading research centre within the University. The achievements locally, nationally and internationally have been remarkable. Our work focusses on 4 core areas of expertise where we have a proven track record. These are based on having alignment with national dementia policy, building on expertise and opportunities within ADS, aligning to the university policy and values and to the value base of ADS.

  1. Home, Communities, Public Health and Diversity: living well post diagnosis
  2. Skilled Care, Assessment and Leadership in Services for People Living with Dementia and Complex Needs
  3. Enriching Lives in dementia through Creativity, Arts, Nature and Sport
  4. Dementia Friendly Person-Centred Design & Technology

In addition, we engage with the perspective of people living with dementia and family carers across all four clusters as well as working with the wider university to develop academic programmes. These clusters are utilised to characterise the work of ADS, align to funding bids, organise workload, communication channels and developments. 

We are a large multi-professional department with a wealth of experience across a broad research portfolio, we have expertise in a number of research methodologies. We welcome approaches from organisations looking to undertake research and would like to use our expertise to deliver this. Please ask how we can help via the get in touch page and one of the team will respond to you.

You may also find our new blog useful to follow, as it will provide short updates and useful information about our research as well as other interesting topics.



Dementia - Research


Project title

Brief Description

Namaste Care Intervention UK: Delivering excellent care every day for people living with advanced dementia

Determining and piloting an optimal intervention based on the Namaste principles.

National Resource Centre for Carers of People with Dementia (NRCC)

Exploring options for improving the quality of life for people living with dementia by providing to their families and friends through the development of a National Resource Centre for Carers of People with Dementia.

Courtyard Theatre Evaluation - Creative Ageing Programme

An evaluation of the Creative Ageing Programme, looking at the sustainability of arts-based projects.

An evaluation of the ‘Dementia Adventure in a Box’ Project

The Association for Dementia Studies at the University of Worcester are leading an evaluation of the pilot, in collaboration with the Green Exercise Research Team at the University of Essex.

Walking with purpose in Extra Care, Retirement and Domestic Housing

The principle aim of this study is to explore and understand walking with purpose among people living with dementia in extra care, retirement and domestic housing settings, along with the perceptions and responses of staff and family carers, in order to develop good practice guidelines.

Dementia Dwelling Grants

ADS is currently researching the impact of the Worcestershire Dementia Dwelling Grants for people with dementia living in their own homes.


By topic


The Association for Dementia Studies is involved in a broad portfolio of projects across a range of topic areas.

For more information about specific projects please select the topic area from the list below:-

If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please use the contact us page to ask your question and someone will contact you.



Project title









Namaste Care Intervention UK: Delivering excellent care every day for people living with advanced dementia









Refreshing the Admiral Nurse Competency Framework









RSAS National Resource Centre for Carers of People with Dementia (NRCC)









ABMU Training Evaluation









MeetingDem - Implementation and Evaluation of the Meeting Centres support programme for people with dementia and their carers in Europe









ECHO - The Provision of Social Care in Extra Care Housing









Courtyard Theatre Evaluations; Making of Me and Creative Ageing Programme









Green Dementia Care









Cultural Competency Training Evaluation










Case Studies

Case Study

Our research activities range from small scale evaluations of dementia care services and environments to major research programmes funded by UK research councils and the European Union. We work with individual organisations at the local level as well as in collaboration with multiple partners from around the world. We carry out research in many different settings, such as care homes, acute hospitals, extra care housing, schools and social care. We are experienced in using a wide range of traditional and innovative research methods including surveys, interviews, focus groups, evidence synthesis and consensus development techniques. 

Our experienced multi-disciplinary team can provide a range of research, evaluation and consultancy services to meet your specific requirements.

 Areas of expertise include: 

• Person-centred Environments, Design and Technology

• Creativity, Sports and Nature 

• Dementia Friendly Communities 

• Housing and Dementia 

• Complex Care Services 

Please contact us at if you would like information about how we can help you.


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Nottingham - Worcester Doctoral Training Centre - The Arts and Dementia (TAnDem)Dem - PhD Studentship Opportunities

Nottingham - Worcester Doctoral Training Centre - The Arts and Dementia (TAnDem)

Research Centre

In addition to our own research projects, team members at ADS are currently engaged as external examiners for other Universities. We regularly write for peer review and professional journals, edited books, and act as reviewers for peer review and professional journals. We are also invited to speak at local, regional, national and international events concerning dementia care. We are on a number of advisory bodies and steering groups for dementia-related research programmes.

Join Dementia Research

If you or a family member are interested in taking part in research that is run by Universities and NHS organisations in the UK, you can indicate your wishes by visiting the Join Dementia Research (JDR) website. JDR matches people who wish to participate in clinical trials and other well designed studies, with the research teams that develop and run research studies.