Educational and economic commentary

Professor David Green is a frequent commentator on both educational and economic matters for press and broadcast media. He has been interviewed on the Sunday Politics Show, BBC Breakfast, Channel 4 News, Sky News, The Radio 4 Today Programme and The World This Weekend as well as BBC News 24, Midlands Today, Central News, Radio 5 Live, Radio 1 and for local BBC and commercial radio. He has contributed articles and been interviewed inThe Guardian, Independent, Telegraph, Times, Financial Times and Daily Mail, as well as the leading UK journal on higher education The THE and the leading US journal on higher educationThe Chronicle. David is known as an outspoken advocate of increased educational opportunity and of the positive, productive role of universities in modern society.

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University recruitment

In 2010 Professor Green spoke out about Government fines for universities who over-recruited:

Tuition fees

In 2010/11, Professor Green was one of the only Vice Chancellors to speak out in opposition to the raising of tuition fees and has continued to speak out on this issue:

Higher education policy

Professor Green has also spoken more widely about Higher Education policy and students:

Nursing and Midwifery students

Professor Green has been an avid campaigner of the need for more Nursing and Midwifery students, and in opposition to the scrapping of bursaries for these subjects:

Teacher training

He was one of the first to predict a teacher shortage and has long campaigned for more teacher training places:


In October 2017, Professor Green was the only Vice Chancellor to make public a sinister letter from Government whip, Chris Heaton-Harris MP, asking for the names of Professors teaching on Europe:

It was first published in The Guardian – Universities deplore McCarthyism as MP demands list of Tutors lecturing on Brexit

And subsequently across more than 600 other news channels worldwide. Here is a selection: