West Midlands Students Graduate with First Class Honours


They are among around 3,000 graduands who graduated from the University of Worcester in the historic Worcester Cathedral last week.

 Among those to have achieved Firsts in their studies at the University of Worcester this year are:

“I was extremely proud when finding out I had achieved First Class Honours in my degree,” said the 21-year-old. “It was great to know that all my hard work over the last three years had paid off. Getting a First Class degree was always an aspirational goal for me so to achieve this was an amazing feeling.”

Melissa is staying in education, moving on to study for an MRes in Sport and Exercise Science.

“My research is going to focus on optimising sports performance in the heat,” she said. “Alongside my studies at the University, I will be taking part in undergraduate practical sports science teaching sessions in my role as a post graduate teaching assistant. I also hope to work towards becoming a BASES accredited sports scientist.”

  • William Brown, 22, from West Bromwich, is looking forward to a career in Paramedicine after achieving his First. “We all have the potential to achieve great things once we remove or overcome the negative psychological barriers and beliefs we hold about ourselves,” he said. “I certainly didn’t believe I was capable of a First Class Honours when I first started. Truth is I wasn’t, but along the way I realised I could develop myself into someone who can.”

“I have just secured a full-time role as a paramedic; my next goal is to achieve a Masters’ degree to contribute more to the health service and hopefully somehow along the way influence future and current health care professionals.”

William, who joined the NHS early to help support the Health Service during the initial phases of the pandemic, said: “Being a student Paramedic throughout the pandemic was one of the toughest yet most valuable times, which shaped the professional I am today. The University not only supported students with counselling throughout this hardship, but also provided equipment and beds for local hospitals, which in turn helped us on the frontline.”

“Achieving a First Class Honours draws the curtain on a successful period spent at the University of Worcester and gives me something to hold and be proud of as I move on to new exciting ventures,” said the 21-year-old.

And Tom has stayed on at the University of Worcester, where he currently works as a Sport and Exercise Science Assistant. He aspires to move into a career in exercise physiology, which is something he has a keen interest in.

In his final year of study, Tom, who is a former pupil at King Edwards VI College in Stourbridge, decided to train for a marathon, which he ran in the same week of the deadline for his dissertation. “I ran the marathon with my friend raising a total of over £2,400 for my local hospice (Mary Stevens) and Mental Health UK, both of which are significantly important to me.”

  • Jordan Ingamells will graduate with a First in Business Psychology. “I put many, many hours into my assignments, alongside a part-time job, to gain my First Class degree. It is an achievement that will stay with me for life, and I am very proud that I achieved this classification; I had always hoped that I would gain a First Class degree and it is an incredible feeling to know that my hard worked paid off,” said the 23-year-old, from Bewdley. Jordan is now working as an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Support Officer for Dudley Council.
  • Rhys Knapman, from Wordsley, earned his First Class Honours in Creative and Professional Writing with Screenwriting. “It was amazing to be rewarded for something that had only ever been a hobby before,” said the 21-year-old former King Edwards VI College pupil. Rhys is hoping one day to get his work published.
  • Shane Kyte, from Wolverhampton, studied BSc Computing at Worcester. “I have exceeded all my expectations,” said the 22-year-old. “Studying at the University of Worcester has helped me achieve my dream and provided me with a lifetime of achievement and knowledge.”

“After completing my degree, I have continued to follow my passion and I’m now working as a software engineer at Capgemini,” Shane added.

  • Katie Miller, from Kingswinford, studied Primary Initial Teacher Education during her time at Worcester, and since achieving her First, she has gone on to secure her first full time teaching post in Dudley. “I was overwhelmed and delighted to have achieved a First Class Honours considering the difficulties we have faced over the last year and a half,” said the 22-year-old former Crestwood School student. “During the pandemic, when we had discovered that we would be unable to complete our school placements during the summer term, I decided to apply for a job working for West Midlands Ambulance Service as a call assessor. I never actually expected to be successful but thought there was no harm in trying. The four months I spent working there really helped me to develop as not only a person but a teacher too. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I am very grateful to have experienced it.”

“Now I intend to continue learning and developing as a teacher, as it is something I am very passionate about,” Katie added. “It is such a privilege to know you can have such an impact on children and play a vital role in their educational journey.”

  • Abygail Patel, from Wolverhampton, is particularly proud of her First in Accounting given all the challenges she has faced. “I feel very proud to have achieved a First Class Honours degree, especially during a global pandemic,” she said.

Abygail, who aspires to become a chartered accountant, is currently working in the Finance department at the University of Worcester, where she is being supported in her efforts to achieve qualification for the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

During her studies, Abygail also found time within the busy life of a trainee accountant to fundraise for several different charities. “Before the pandemic, during my placement I was able to arrange three charity bake sales,” she said. “We raised money for the Alzheimer’s Society, Macmillan Cancer Research, and over £1,000 for Children in Need.”