Partnership working

Schools partnerships are a prominent feature within the University of Worcester access agreement. As an institution we adopt a strategic approach to identifying and working with schools. Our partnerships enable us to make measurable progress towards the targets and principles of the access agreement. 
A teaching student teaching a student in a library

The purpose of the partnerships is to:

  • Identify students who have the potential to study and succeed in Higher Education, but for whom there are limited opportunities to gain experience of the processes and expectations related to progression
  • Make available activities and opportunities for students to raise awareness of Higher Education and impact on their aspirations to study for a Higher Education qualification
  • Seek to have the maximum impact on both the individual learners, through enabling a sequenced and progressive programme, and on the whole school relationship with Higher Education and the University of Worcester in particular
  • Increase progression to the University of Worcester among the targeted learners
  • Increase the success and achievement of learners throughout the partnership programme, including their Higher Education experience
  • Increase progression to University of Worcester courses and programmes, with particular emphasis on learners from lower socio economic groups, from low participation neighbourhoods and first generation Higher Education entrants.

Activity will range from school to school but common elements will feature in all partnerships:

  • Whole school activity; awareness raising activity both about the University of Worcester, its learning environment, courses and student experience and higher education more generally
  • Impartial pre-entry information, advice and guidance for learners
  • Skill development for school practitioners
  • Subject-specific activity that aids achievement and raises aspirations to progress into post-compulsory education
  • Specialist mentoring programmes
  • Career preparation and development support
  • Application, finance and transition activity
  • Compact agreements

The impact of the partnership activity will be determined within the context of a shared agreement but will include some common elements:

  • Positive impact on learners' engagement in school and university programmes
  • Increased levels of awareness of Higher Education, and of potential career opportunities
  • Demonstrable knowledge transfer and enhanced skill levels of staff working with learners in Higher Education Careers Information Advice and Guidance
  • Improved attainment
  • Increased progression onto Higher Education from target learners and the whole school, both to the University of Worcester and to wider Higher Education programmes.