Access and inclusion


The University of Worcester is committed to attracting, recruiting and retaining students from a wide diversity of backgrounds. 

Group of students chat at Riverside

Our commitments to the aims made in our annual access agreement advance our pledge to offer inclusion to previously underrepresented factions of the student community alongside students from more traditional backgrounds.

Access and Inclusion forms a co-ordinated approach, ensuring that the values and aims detailed in the access agreement are achieved. The agreements lay out our targets for improving progression, retention and achievement for learners from groups which are underrepresented at the University.

The agreement establishes a productive and creative outreach culture whilst adopting an evidence-based approach to policy and practice. Access and Inclusion has a varied set of responsibilities which include:

  • Bringing together relevant parties to facilitate the production of the annual access agreement and monitoring returns as required by OFFA.

  • Supporting a relationship with Partner schools to provide activity that furthers the achievement and progression of learners from under-represented groups.

  • The development of new partnership relationships with targeted schools.

  • Liaising with University’s academic departments to ensure that existing outreach activity is appropriately targeted.

  • Working across the University to encourage new initiatives which further our commitment to increasing diversity amongst our student population.

  • Development and monitoring of a University wide mentoring scheme.

  • Production of reports to help inform the development and delivery of outreach activity.

  • Conducting and collating research and evaluation of University of Worcester outreach activity to:

    • demonstrate our progress in achieving our targets.
    • show the level of impact these have had on the performance targets relating to application, access, progression and achievement.
    • help shape future activity.

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