Literally billions of customer interactions occur each day. They are of different types, including: interactions between employees and customers (E2C); interactions between customers (C2C); and interactions between customers and technology (C2T or C2SST). Many of these interactions are quite complex – especially when they do not go as expected. The Customer Interactions Research Group (CIRGroup) focuses on trying to identify, explore and explain these complexities.  

The CIRG comprises a team of academic experts representing the specialist knowledge within Worcester Business School in customer behaviour and complex customer interactions. They have both theoretical and applied skills in this momentous field of marketing. CIRG members have a wide-ranging scope of research interests including all areas concerned with the Global Consumer within the commercial and retail private-sector environment of product and service exchange, and also within non-profit public sector services and social marketing contexts.

CIRG members work with a variety of research perspectives and undertake studies using a spectrum of philosophical perspectives, methodological approaches and innovative methods. In their exploration of complex customer interaction, the group members draw upon a wide range of disciplines ranging from marketing, economics, business management, through to psychology, sociology, anthropology and even ergonomics.


The CIRG aims to advance understandings of complex customer behaviours and interactions in the marketplace through conceptual and applied research driven by marketing and management problems and challenges. The research group’s activities are directed at providing excellent research that contributes to the wider community of consumers, customers, businesses, government bodies and the public. Impact is of critical importance in motivating research projects and intelligence studies with the objective of advancing knowledge, contributing to societal change and advancement, training the next generation of junior researchers and extending bridges with industry and the wider community. Our research focus extends beyond the regional and national level into global markets, and involves international collaborations and implications.

The CIRG is currently working on research projects on: 

  • Customer age-differences and C2C interactions
  • Establishing sustainable practices through Technology Driven Behaviour Change 
  • Customer-technology Interactions and Implications 
  • Food Portions: The How and Why of Eating under different Conditions 
  • Luxury Fashion Consumption and Cultural Differences 
  • Fashion Sustainability and Disposal Behaviours: the Attitude-Behaviour Gap 
  • Impulse Buying and Habitual Control
  • Diffusion of Self-service Technologies and implications for an ageing population 
  • Customer retention in services marketing 
  • Sustainable Practices and Strategies in Managing Customers 
  • Co-located shared interactions with multi-touch interactive displays 
  • Dialogue interaction habits with mobile devices