Amy Warburton

Amy Warburton hopes to work for a design agency after completing her degree in Graphic Design BA (Hons)

Amy Warburton


Amy is currently working as a designer for a Birmingham-based restaurant and hopes one day to work for a design agency. 

“It was the course that drew me to Worcester,” she recalls. “I loved the variety within the course, along with the fact that many projects involve real live clients which helps tremendously in gaining experience and skills via completing briefs for them. Another element was ‘Pressure Projects’ which as a team is completed, where outputs are produced for a brief within 24 hours, which I really enjoyed due to the time pressure and briefs. It went so well for my team I managed to get work experience out of it.” 

Amy said she it had always been a dream to get a First, and she did. “With the coronavirus pandemic disrupting second year heavily and my third year too, I tried to use all this free time around my house to my advantage working on projects and my dissertation and I can say it certainly paid off,” she said. 

Amy, who Chaired the student Marvel & DC Society in the past year (2020-2021), said studying during the pandemic was challenging but said she received lots of support. 

“The support I received from lecturers was great, with them being so active in providing help if needed whether it was a 1-1 Teams call, an email or within the online lectures. As well as this they worked so hard to be able to let our degree show be in person in the arthouse, even being able to have family and friends come and visit, which really ended the year on a high. I also have to shoutout to my housemates and our house for helping to keep me sane during studying and the pandemic in general with living room study sessions, takeaways and house hangouts.”