Rositsa Bogdanova

Moving to the UK 6 years ago, Rositsa Bogdanova knew she wanted to find a job helping people. But she never expected to now be graduating as a paramedic.

Rositsa Bogdanova

Rositsa came to the UK from Bulgaria and worked in community care.

“I loved being able to help people and see how I can make a difference sometimes just being there for someone in the right time,” she recalls. “It was new, different and interesting but it was not where I wanted to stop; I knew I could achieve more.”

Rositsa began researching roles in the NHS and secured a job as a Healthcare Assistant on a ward at Worcestershire Royal Hospital. But she knew she wanted to go further still.

“The manager and the whole team were amazing and so patient with me and could see how hard I worked, and I was interested in everything,” she said. “I wouId go around the hospital picking up shifts in a variety of wards to gain more experience.

“One day I was told about the opportunity to become a Paramedic and I could not stop thinking about it. What I felt was different than everything else.

“I started researching the ways to become a paramedic. In the hospital I often worked with student nurses from the University of Worcester and they shared their positive experiences, so I decided to attend one of the Open Days. I was pleasantly surprised about the atmosphere and people there and I felt like there was a chance for me to become a student despite my different background.

“I remember the day I received my offer, and I felt the adrenaline from top to toe.”

Rositsa continued to work as a Healthcare Assistant while completing her degree. “It kept me close to the patients and I had ongoing experience, which I am so grateful for,” she said. “I would not be the healthcare professional I am today without the experience in the ward and in the hospital.”

Rositsa said she is proud to be graduating in front of her family.

“This course was the hardest thing I have ever done but I know everything starts just now. So many ups and downs throughout the years but luckily, I have met amazing friends and we have always been there for each other.”

She added: “My family is my biggest support and this is also for them, because they have never stopped believing in me, even miles away. I can feel their support and love. I am extremely proud and grateful.”

Rositsa said she is now looking forward to getting started in her chosen career.

“I know there is so much more to be learned but I am ready for it,” she said. “I am ready to put the knowledge in practice and keep developing. The sky is the limit.

“This career feels so right for me, and it is much more than just a job. The chance to make a difference every day and help someone and being the first one to attend is one in a million and I have achieved it.”

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