Louise Lyson

Louise Lyson graduated with a degree in Social Work in November 2021.
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During her studies, Louise developed a service supporting families experiencing child to parent abuse (CPA). 

“As a mature student with children and dyslexia I was happy to just pass, so getting a first was amazing,” she said. “It has boosted my confidence and shows other students that have specific learning difficulties that anything is possible.” 

It was during a placement for her degree at the Sandycroft Centre, in Redditch, that Louise was given the opportunity to develop a service to help people affected by a specific form of domestic abuse. The Sandycroft Centre is a well-established provider of a range of services including wellbeing, mental health, and domestic abuse for over 25 years. The Eve Project was created to encompass the many different forms of domestic abuse women, children and families experience. Within this, Louise has set up a Child to Parent Violence and Abuse service. 

She said: “The Eve Project is a holistic domestic abuse service at The Sandycroft Centre, to which all members of a family that are experiencing CPA can come for support and understanding. Parents are met with disbelief from professionals that they are being abused by their child, so to have somewhere to go where they are believed removes the first level of oppression. 

Now Louise has a role as family social worker and CPVA (Child to Parent Violence and Abuse) lead at The Sandycroft Centre. She works there three days a week building up the support service, while studying for a Master’s in Understanding Domestic and Sexual Violence at the University of Worcester.  

Louise graduated with First Class Honours in her degree.

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