Jennifer Wilmott

Jennifer Wilmott has joined West Midlands Ambulance Service after completing her degree in Paramedic Science.

Jennifer Wilmott Graduate Story Profile Image

Jennifer was one of a number of the University’s students who put themselves forward to work on the frontline at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

“The start of the Covid-19 pandemic coincided with my second year at university,” she said. “West Midlands Ambulance Service called for additional support to relieve the pressure within the emergency service. First, I was given the opportunity to assist in frontline vehicle preparation. This involved ensuring vehicles and equipment were consistently accessible, clean, and replenished for the start of the paramedic’s next shift. After a couple of weeks, this job role then progressed to a further opportunity of assisting West Midlands Ambulance Service on the frontline by working as an Ambulance Clinical Assistant (ACA) working alongside a paramedic. 

“As the pandemic grew and put further strain and pressures on the service, this became a critical role in the supporting of paramedic teams to ensure capacity and maintain services.  

“As a result, I balanced full-time university studies with the demands of working on the frontline, every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of each week in order to provide support to both patients and the West Midlands Ambulance Service. This job role continued after my degree, helping me to progress into a newly qualified paramedic position along with maintaining my clinical competence and professional skills.” 

“Despite the fact that this was a daunting experience at first, I believe this has pushed me to become a stronger paramedic due to gaining more experience and confidence working throughout a global pandemic,” she said. 

Jennifer, who achieved First Class Honours in her degree, said she received lots of support throughout her studies in the pandemic. “Throughout this time the University provided great support, keeping their students up to date with any developments or changes,” she said. “In addition, university lecturers developed a reactive Covid-19 teaching plan that included engaging and well-thought-out content in online lectures, as well as smaller clinical skills groups in full PPE following the Government guidelines to allow students to practice clinical skills.” 

Jennifer will now begin work with West Midlands Ambulance Service, and hopes one day to go on to become a GP.