Carl Biles

Carl Biles is Graduating with a First Class Honours in BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy 

Carl Biles

Carl completed an Access to Higher Education diploma at Heart of Worcestershire college before enrolling on the Physiotherapy degree at the University. “Having struggled with academia in the past owing to undiagnosed dyslexia, finishing the degree - and with a First - was one of the proudest achievements of my life,” said Carl.              

“I was extremely grateful for the University’s efforts in diagnosing my dyslexia and providing me with the relevant equipment, without which I would not have succeeded on the course.”

When coronavirus first swept the country last year, Carl was eager to seize the opportunity to start his new career as a physiotherapist as soon as possible.

“Starting work early amidst a pandemic wasn’t really the way we all imagined our careers would begin,” he said, “but the Health Care Professions Council issued membership to student members who had accumulated enough hours on placement to enable them to start early.”

“Having worked there previously it was a pleasure to be able to return and help with the covid effort. At the end of my degree all I really wanted to do was help my mates out on the front line.”

And it has been a busy year for Carl. Besides finishing his degree in the midst of a global pandemic and launching himself on to the NHS front line, he has taken up the opportunity to return to the University of Worcester to deliver lectures for final year students on trauma and orthopaedics, as well as welcoming his first child in to the world.

“I want to progress my career as a physiotherapist,” he said, “but I would also like to get involved more in the training of the next generation of physios, as well as doing more lecturing at the University, and of course, one of my main priorities for the future is to enjoy raising our baby.”

“I’m really glad that we can finally enjoy our graduation,” he added. “I’m looking forward to seeing all my friends again. As a cohort I felt we were really close and supportive, I really missed the social aspect of finishing the degree, not being able to share the joy with those on my course, but this is our chance.”

“The teaching staff on the Physiotherapy course at Worcester are exceptional! Helen Frank and the team are a special group of lecturers and it will be special to have the chance to celebrate with them too.