Frequently asked questions

For people interested in applying for the MBChB at the University of Worcester Three Counties Medical School.

1. I am a home student. Can I apply this year?

Yes. We are open to applications from home and international students for 2025 entry. The deadline for home students is 15 October 2024.

2. I don’t have a degree. Can I apply?

TCMS is a graduate entry course so you need to have a first degree at 2:1 or above.

3. Which degrees do you accept?

So long as you have a 2:1, (or a 2:2 plus a masters) any subject is acceptable. If it is not a science or healthcare degree you will need two science GCSEs at grade C or above.

4. Which aptitude tests do you accept?


4. What score do I need on the aptitude test?

We don’t have hard cut off score, it depends on the shape of the curve of all applicants. However most shortlisted applicant scored more than 50 on GAMSAT (maximum 73) or 2500 on UCAT (maximum 3020).

5. I applied to medical school last year and did not get in. Can I use the same aptitude score?

It depends; GAMSAT is valid for two years and UCAT for one year.

6. I see you need CASPer as well. When should I take that?

CASPer is only for shortlisted applicants. We will tell you if you are eligible to take it, after you have applied through UCAS

7. I have taken CASPer before, can I use the same one?

It depends. If you took an England-specific test in the same cycle, you might be able to. Speak to Altus and they will advise if they can distribute your score to us.

8. I have heard you only accept people who live in the Three Counties, is that true?

No. You can apply to study with us wherever you live.

9. Can I apply directly to the University?

No. You need to apply through UCAS in the usual way.

10. If I am ill on the CASPer date or my interview date, can I reschedule?

The key here is to contact us ASAP and let us know. If you have already sat CASPer, and there is anything we can do to reschedule your interview, we will, but we cannot guarantee it. However, CASPer is run by Altus not us and once the date is set we have no control over when it runs. So if you miss that we are unlikely to be able to help.