Key information about Worcester

Total student population: 11,000+

International student population: 900 students (EU and Non-EU)

 International students Bodgan & Silvia talk about Student life and extra curriculum activities


Scholarships for your country

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Entry requirements

Please use the information below as a guide. Other qualifications, such as work experience, may also be taken into consideration in addition to the requirements listed below and all applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Higher National Diploma (HND) or Foundation (FdA/FdSc) courses may ask for a lower grade and some specialist BA/BSc courses may have a higher requirement. Specific course requirements can be found on individual course pages.

Candidates with other qualifications should contact the International Recruitment Office with full details on, in order to check their eligibility.

Undergraduate (courses requiring a UCAS tariff range of 96-112)Postgraduate

Pass the Diploma de Bacalaureat (Baccalaureate Diploma) with an overall score of 8 or above, with B2 in all elements for English Language within your Diploma de Bacalaureat or a minimum IELTS of 6.0 (with no less than 5.5 in any component) or equivalent.

Other equivalent English qualifications will be considered.

Pass the Romanian Bachelor degree with a minimum of 7 out of 10, with a minimum IELTS of 6.5 (with no less than 5.5 in any component) or equivalent.

Other equivalent English qualifications will be considered.




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Iasi Office: Strada Păcurari nr. 110 et. 3 (lângă Şcoala "Petru Poni"), Cod Poștal 700514, Iaşi

Telephone: +40 745 632 464

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Bucharest Office: General Bd Magheru Gh. 41,1st Floor, Ap 1, District 1, Bucharest 010326
Constanta Office: Bd. Alexandru Lapusneanu, nr. 107, bl. LV40, sc. A
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Telephone: + 40 21 311 0572

Student views

Diana Iusco

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations BA (Hons)

young woman with dark hair and eyes

I chose to study at the University of Worcester because they have shown so much interest in international students. It feels really great being an international student here, there are a lot of international students, so it is easy to feel integrated and I have made friends with lots of people and have found the British students really open to new people.

It is not hard to have a social life here, there are lots of parties, lot of different societies so it is practically impossible to not find some people with same interests as yours. I have joined two societies already.

I enjoy my course so much because the approach here is more practical than in Romania, we do a lot of research and a lot of group work, therefore we apply everything we learn. I have participated to workshops on different themes that helped clarify my questions. I have also been using the study centre a lot, especially in my assignment period and I think it is great it is open 24/7.

Studying here has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with people of different beliefs and cultures and learn how to work in different circumstances with my peers. The university has been really supportive in everything too and I found Worcester City truly British with its appearance, but also with its people, it is mostly full of life and really beautiful.

Gabriela Nester, Romania


Business, Marketing and Advertising BA (Hons)

Everything started in March 2009 when I had my interview for University of Worcester. I got accepted, finished high-school in June and then in September I came here and the adventure began.

Once I got here, staff and other students helped me settle in and in the induction week we were shown around the town and the surroundings and also we got help with preparing our documents. Thereafter everything went really smoothly and in November I had my first job as a Student Ambassador for the university, earning some money while I had lots of fun and made new friends.

Even though you receive a lot of help here, you still have to do some work on your own in order to succeed. Ever since I arrived in Worcester I have always been looking for new things to do that could teach me something. Having always liked to be independent and have my own money, but in the same time take care of my studies, I decided to look into the jobs that the university had to offer. So, this is how I managed to work at different projects like 12 Moves, which was meant to promote, prior to the Olympics, dance amongst all people. All the time, my goal was to take part in the university scheme: earn while you learn. Even though I wasn’t part of any society I did manage to get involved in all sorts of Uni projects.

As I am doing a degree in Business, Marketing and Advertising, I had the chance to get a work placement after my second year, so I took the opportunity and for one year I have been working and learning at Robert Bosch GmbH. Apart from the fact that this is going to look great on my CV, it will also help me in my 3rd and final year at Uni.

Even though Worcester is not a big city, it still has a lot to offer when it comes to a fun night out. We have lots of pubs, clubs where special events are organized all the time and we also have the Students Union bar,, where you can go for an Open Mic night or just for some karaoke. Also, for more than one year now, the International Committee has been organizing some great parties with all sorts of contests and special themes, everything designed in order for all students to have fun.

Overall, what I can say, make the big step and come to Worcester Uni. It’s a great place and I’m sure you will love it.

Bogdan Raileanu Romania, Bucharest

Journalism and Media & Cultural Studies BA (Hons)

young man with black hair and glasses

A few years ago, I had a dream. I had a dream to come and study in the UK and in September 2010, this wish has been fulfilled. I was ready to make this step and take my life in my own hands and I have to say that the expectancies I had prior to my arrival in Worcester have been met.

After just two weeks of living in the UK, I felt like I had been here for a few years, which obviously helped me a lot to establish new friends, enjoy the small, but yet lovely city, enjoy my modules and as an effect of that, have great academic achievements. Without a shadow of a doubt, I can say that choosing the University of Worcester has been one of the best decisions I have ever taken in my life.

However, here, you don’t receive everything on a plate. The University offers you all the conditions to have fantastic achievements and supports you with your studies, but you need to get involved as well and know what you want.

This is how I managed to get a BBC Hereford and Worcester work placement in my second year and this was a fantastic experience. Working with professionals and having my work broadcast on the BBC local station has enhanced my chances of finding a brilliant job after graduation. 

And don’t forget that you need a balance between work and fun! The city of Worcester and the University cater for that as well. 

The International Centre and the International Committee, where I volunteer as the European Officer organize great parties and events. In addition to this, they also offer great work opportunities. During the last 6 months I have been involved in very interesting and useful activities such as helping out international students to adapt to the UK lifestyle and academic requirements.

Monica Morosan

Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations BA (Hons)

young woman in a yellow check shirt and blue jacket


I chose the University of Worcester because of the high rate of employability after graduation and I wanted to learn about English heritage and culture which Worcester is great for. Having been here for nearly three years it has been a great experience for me. I have engaged in so many activities that have helped me develop skills for the future such as being a student mentor and writing for the student blog.

I have the opportunity to gain hands on experience and get recognition for my work which in Romania I know this is something that wouldn’t happen often. I would advise any students that want to study here should take advantage of any opportunities where you are able to practice what you have learnt which will develop your skills and get you noticed.

The University of Worcester has very supportive staff and someone was always there to help whenever I need it. I have also found that the social life is brilliant; it is easy to find something to do and someone that would do that with you.

I am looking forward to finding a job in the public relations industry when I have graduated the University of Worcester. I feel the university has really prepared me for working life and I am looking forward to it.