PhD studentships

We offer a number of research studentships each year, these are usually three-year, full-time doctoral research studentships. All studentships are advertised in the national press and are available on a competitive basis.

For the chance to discuss these research opportunities please do book a place on our Open Day.

All applicants should apply via the online application form listed with the relevant studentship below. If you have any questions about research studentships at Worcester please get in touch via

Understanding bumblebee wildflower meadow habitat preferences using multi-scale remote sensing data

This project aims to investigate the use of multi-scale remote sensing data to aid targeted conservation practices for pollinators.

See the full advert for Understanding bumblebee wildflower meadow habitat preferences...

Deadline for applications: Monday 4 May 2020

Applications are now closed for this project

The Human Resource Management challenge of predicting employee turnover using machine learning

This research aims to examine the practicalities of applying machine learning to turnover prediction, the identification of key indicators in attrition and how this might inform data-driven retention strategies.

See the full advert for The Human Resource Management challenge....

Deadline for applications: Monday 25 May 2020

Apply for Human Resource Management studentship

Politics, cultures, and marginalised/under-represented communities/groups: deconstructing the identities of coaches and/or leaders in sport, exercise or physical activity

With a specific emphasis on sport, exercise and/or physical activity culture, the project will provide a critical exploration of the identity formation, localised experiences, professional learning and/or notions of community among a chosen demographic.

See the full advert for Politics, cultures, and marginalised/under-represented communities....

Deadline for applications: Wednesday 22 April 2020

Applications are now closed for this project

Primary school head teachers and collaborative networks

Applications are invited for a fully funded full-time PhD studentship exploring the role that head teacher collaborations play in providing support for primary school head teachers.

See the full advert for Primary school head teachers....

Deadline for applications: Monday 1 June 2020

Apply for Educational Leadership studentship

An exploration and evaluation of the practice of social prescribing (SP) in a rural area

This studentship will build new knowledge and understanding of the impact of social prescribing in practice, at a time when it has been given a place at the heart of the new NHS. 

See the full advert for Practice of Social Prescribing...

Deadline for applications: Thursday 30 April 2020

Applications are now closed for this project

What are the character strengths of people working with domestic and/or sexual violence and how do they influence their professional practice and personal well-being?

Applications are invited for a funded full-time PhD studentship exploring the role of character strengths in people working with victims and perpetrators of domestic and/or sexual violence.

See the full advert for What are the character strengths....

Deadline for applications: Monday 11 May 2020

Apply for Domestic Violence studentship

English Literature and the Environmental Humanities

Applications are invited for a funded full-time PhD studentship in the area of Ecologies of Genre or Narratives of environmental injustice.

See the full advert for English Literature and Environmental Humanities....

Deadline for applications: Monday 8 June 2020

Apply for English Literature studentship