Research and Knowledge Exchange are fundamental to the University’s overall mission.

We believe that Higher Education should have a transformative impact on individuals and on society as a whole and our Research and Knowledge Exchange is at the heart of this belief.

We engage in research to:

  • extend the boundaries of human knowledge
  • better understand the challenges facing society, nationally and globally, and to meet with these challenges
  • provide solutions to real world issues for businesses, public and voluntary sector organisations, and communities
  • enhance our learning & teaching
  • inform our knowledge exchange.

We engage in knowledge exchange to:

  • share our research and the expertise and knowledge of our staff (academic and professional) and of our students beyond academia 
  • learn from people and organisations outside of academia
  • inform our ongoing research 
  • inform our learning and teaching 
  • enhance and enable the impact of our research.

Our vision

We will be recognised for delivering excellent Research which extends the boundaries of human knowledge, but which also fundamentally improves people’s lives and makes the world in which we live a better place. And for high-quality Knowledge Exchange which meets the needs of our clients, partners and communities and adds value to their organisation.

We will be particularly recognised for our Research and Knowledge Exchange in identified Areas of Challenge.

Areas of Challenge

Our Areas of Challenge reflect many of the fundamental problems and issues facing the world today.