The Centre for Academic English and Skills offers face-to-face workshops in academic English and study skills for international Masters students.  These non-course specific workshops support personal and academic development and are aimed at students who want to improve the quality and accuracy of their academic English in written and spoken assignments. 

“The academic English workshops for Masters students have helped me immensely to improve my academic writing; the advice that you give and slides that you use are really useful.” 

Mariam, November 2021

What will I study/learn in the workshops?

 The content of the workshops is flexible to suit the needs of students.  As a guide, they will teach you how to

  • approach assignments with criticality
  • write coherently and cohesively in an appropriate academic style
  • use references to support arguments
  • summarise, paraphrase and synthesise
  • use writing strategies, such as drafting, proofreading and editing
  • prepare for and deliver academic presentations



How are the workshops delivered?

The workshops are delivered face to face and are learner-centred and interactive.  This means that you are encouraged to engage and communicate with other students in a supportive environment in pair, group and whole class activities.  

They offer an opportunity for you to meet and study with other Masters students and widen your academic and social network at the University of Worcester.

When are the workshops available?

The workshops run each semester. 

Book a workshop

Email for more information, and workshop dates and times.

The tutor is very patient and conscientious. She prepares a lot of material for every lesson which are focussed on my learning requirements.

Rin, May 2020