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Research degrees

Postgraduate research is of high priority at the University of Worcester. We place great importance on research excellence which ensures that our research students are trained, supported and challenged to produce research of the highest standard.

Undertaking a research degree at Worcester, means you will become part of a thriving community of research students, based within the University’s Research School.

At Worcester, we offer four categories of research degree: PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), MPhil (Master of Philosophy) and in some subject areas the Professional Doctorate and the MRes (Masters by Research).

A PhD  normally requires 3 years of full-time or 5 years of part-time study.  Your work must make an original contribution to knowledge in your field of study. You will be expected to show evidence of systematic study; and of independent, critical and original thinking; while your thesis should be worthy of publication in whole or part.

An MPhil normally requires 2 years of full-time or 4 years of part-time study. Your MPhil should demonstrate your ability to undertake an appropriate research programme and to produce a critical analysis of existing knowledge in your field of study.

A Professional Doctorate normally requires 4 years part time study. As a guide, the taught programme is generally completed within 18 months and we expect that for most students the thesis stage will be completed within a further 2.5 years. Like the PhD your work must make an original contribution to knowledge but with a particular focus on your own area of professional practice.

An MRes normally requires 1 year full time or 3 years part time study.

To find out more, get in touch with the Research School on 01905 542182 or email

Application Deadline for January 2019 entry: 30 November 2018

Your full application, including supporting documents, must reach us by Friday 30th November 2018. International students requiring a visa are asked to apply before Friday 16th November 2018 to account for visa processing times. We strongly advise all applicants to apply as early as possible.