Xiaolu Sun

Xiaolu Sun

PhD Student

Worcester Business School

Research Degree Students

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email: sunx1_19@uni.worc.ac.uk

Xiaolu is a part-time PhD student in Worcester Business School. 

Xiaolu’s main research interest is the relationship between online brand communities and customer post-purchase evaluation. His PhD research concerns: (i) the role of consumers at different participation levels of online brand communities (ii) identifying different kinds of online brand communities operation modes, and (iii) the effect of online brand communities on customer post-purchase evaluation. 

His supervisors are Dr Wilson Ozuem and Dr Ria Wiid.

Xiaolu works as a General manager at steamworks.



BSc (Hons) Business Management, 2001, Liaoning Huashang Economic University

MSc Advanced MBA, 2011, University of Gloucestershire