Nicola Monaghan

Principal Lecturer in Law

School of Law

Contact Details

tel: 01905 542887

Nicola Monaghan is a Principal Lecturer at the University of Worcester. She teaches Criminal Law and the Law of Evidence on the LLB. Nicola has been teaching law at Higher Education institutions since 2001. She has published textbooks on Criminal Law (Oxford University Press) and the Law of Evidence (Cambridge University Press) as well as other books. Her research interests include jury misconduct and the criminal trial, and she has published a wide range of journal articles. She is a non-practising barrister and a member of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple.


  • Bar Vocational Course
  • LLM Criminal Litigation
  • LLB Law (Hons.)

Teaching & Research


Criminal Law
Law of Evidence


Jury misconduct
Jury trial
The criminal trial

Professional Bodies

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
Member of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple
Member of the Society of Legal Scholars
Member of the Association of Law Teachers



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Conference Papers / Research Seminars

‘Active Jury Participation”, UW Winter Research Workshop, December 2021

‘Reflecting on Jury Misbehaviour in an Internet Age’ Coventry Law Journal Conference, November 2021

‘Facilitating inclusion and engagement in legal education through the use of interactive whiteboards’ (with Josie Kemeys), University of Worcester Annual Teaching & Learning Conference, June 2021

‘Exploring the use of Kortext to enhance student engagement in Law and Criminology’ (with Kirsty McGregor and Janey Robins), University of Worcester Annual Teaching & Learning Conference, June 2019

‘Mooting at the School of Law – developing academic skills through advocacy’ (with Bill Davies), University of Worcester Annual Teaching & Learning Conference, June 2018

‘Using extra-curricular mock trial advocacy exercises to enhance the student experience and cross boundaries’ (Beyond Boundaries, University of Worcester Annual Teaching, Learning and Student Experience Conference, 16th June 2017)

‘Obtaining effective evidence in court from a young victim of abuse’ (NCSPVA 3rd Annual Conference, The Impact of Violence and Abuse on Children and Young People, 6th June 2017)

‘Who should try fraud trials? Reconsidering the composition of the tribunal of fact 30 years after Roskill’ (The Fraud Act 2006 – Ten Years On, University of Worcester, January 2017)

‘An evaluation of the legislative response to jury misconduct’ (Law Research Seminar Series, University of Worcester October 2016)

‘Jury deliberations: when does specialist knowledge become extraneous evidence?’ (Research Seminar, CULC, May 2014)

‘Distinguishing legitimate juror misconduct from frivolous allegations – protecting Lord Judge’s legacy’ (SLSA Annual Conference 2014, Aberdeen)

‘The Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 – is it working?’ (Business and Law Seminar Series, CULC, February 2014)

‘Jurors behaving badly’ (Research Seminar, CULC, March 2013)

‘Reflecting on four years of teaching advocacy to students at the University of Hertfordshire’ (SLSA Annual Conference, April 2012 with N Geach)

‘Inchoate Liability and the Serious Crime Act 2007’ (SLS Annual Conference 2008 with M Johnson)

External Responsibilities

Critical Reader for Public Law and Criminal Law module at the Open University (2015)
External Examiner for LLM for Sunderland University (2009-2013)
Peer-reviewer for The Law Teacher (2014)