Mégane Coulon

Megane Coulon

PhD Student

School of Humanities

Research Degree Students

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email: coum2_18@uni.worc.ac.uk

Mégane is a full-time PhD student in History at the University of Worcester. 

Mégane‘s research interests focus on social formation in the colony of Sierra Leone in the nineteenth century. Her research draws on a detailed methodological study of the 1831 census of Sierra Leone and other demographic sources to assess the changing social composition of Freetown and how the increasing diversity of the population led to the emergence of new social hierarchies in the mid to late nineteenth century.

Her supervisors are Professor Schwarz, Dr McNally and Professor Lovejoy.


BA English Studies, 2014, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier III

MA English Studies, 2017, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier III

MA History by Research, 2018, Sheffield Hallam University