Linda Tyrrell

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Worcester Business School

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Linda is a part-time PhD student in Worcester Business School.

Linda’s main research interest is the application of open innovation within the public sector organisations, the micro-level of the university within the paradigm of the Entrepreneurial University (Triple Helix Model) the concept of the Lead End-User, Procurement Strategy, the concept of Added Value and cross-sector collaboration.

Linda’s PhD research focuses on Exploring open innovation and collaboration in University - Industry Partnership.

Her supervisors are Dr Vessela Warren and Dr Ria Wiid.

In addition to working towards her PhD Linda is a Procurement Manager responsible for managing the STEMed (Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine) categories at a Russel Group Research focused University in London. With over four decades of procurement expertise within both public and private organisations, Linda adopts a customer-focused approach to procurement where collaboration with stakeholders is a key feature of procurement strategy.

A part of the UK government’s collaboration agenda, Linda supports several consortia by providing technical expertise to develop the national contracting strategies and contract content. Her current duties include Chair of the IUPC Gases and working party member of the STEM working group, IRLA Bench Top Agreement and the NWPEC agreement.

In her spare time Linda enjoys being a member of the Oxford Tolkien Society; however, Linda does not dress up as a Wizard at weekends!

Project Summary

Linda’s PhD research focuses on Exploring open innovation and collaboration in University - Industry Partnerships. A lay summary of the project is provided below:

With increased competition and changing customer needs, firm’s innovation has become risky and costly to manage. To mitigate risk of product failure, firms have adopted the Open Innovation model (OI), where the firm absorbs external and internal ideas to create new goods and services. Whilst numerous studies focus on implementing OI in large multinational firms, there are no studies that combine OI implementation in public sector. There is limited literature studying the OI processes used to create innovation outcome that integrate internal and external ideas exchanged between the buyer (university) and supplier (industry) during the procurement tender process.

Many UK university academics do not have the resources to create new scientific equipment due to reduced government funding. Therefore, these academics look to cross-sector collaboration to gain access to these resources. Cross-sector collaboration involves industry and public sector institutions solving problems and sharing resources together. However, there are no studies that explore cross-sector collaboration between university academics and scientific equipment firms.

My study seeks to address these gaps into a single study by taking a qualitative approach to investigating if cross-sector collaboration can be organised and managed within the Procurement Tender Process. By exploring the methods used to transfer knowledge between cross-sector partners and the success factors used for cross-sector collaboration for innovation.


MRes in International Business, 2015

Graduate Diploma in Purchasing, 2006

MSc International Business, 2005

Foundation Diploma in Purchasing, 2002

BA (Hons) Business and Management, 2002

Professional Memberships

Registered as a Member of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

Registered as a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute


Tyrrell L. (2015) The rise of the PI end-user: A study into end-user and manufacturer collaboration and the creation of new Scientific Equipment. MRes in International Business. Birkbeck College (University of London).

Tyrrell L. (2005) WHAT ARE THE FACTORS EFFECTING THE TAKE UP OF NWPLS CONTRACTS BY HE INSTITUTIONS? MSc in International Business. Birkbeck College (University of London).

2005 NWPLS (National Working Parties on Laboratory Supplies) Working Paper No 40

An analysis of the factors effecting the take up of NWPLS Contracts by Higher

Education Institutions1998 – 2000 Peer Assisted Learning (Teaching Experience)


Rigopoulou E. Tyrrell L. and Whatley D. (2016) “Category Focus: STEMed”. Collaboration in Action. LUPC and SUPC Conference 2016. Mary Ward House, London. 15th June 2016.