Katy Wareham Morris


Lecturer in Media and Culture; Admissions Tutor

English Media and Culture

Contact Details

email: k.wareham.morris@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 855433

Before becoming a University lecturer, Katy worked in the field of advertising and marketing, specialising in social media marketing. Katy applies this practical and professional expertise within the classroom and utilises her list of expert contacts to help students develop their own professional networks. She has links across creative and digital industries and has organised employability showcases and expert guest speakers for students. Katy facilitates the Work Project modules and second year, Social Media module, which involves a practical project. Katy is particularly interested in digital new media technologies.

As Admissions Tutor, Katy is responsible for organising course taster sessions and outreach events, as well as responding to applications and course enquiries.

Katy is also a keen poet and regularly organises poetry and spoken word events for students and the public. She is a recognised poet herself, being shortlisted for a Saboteur Award 2018. Her most recent collection is published by Hesterglock and is entitled, Cutting the Green Ribbon. Katy is also competing PhD research in literary gaming, play and post-queer politics, which has both critical and creative elements.


  • BA Hons English and Literary Studies & Media and Cultural Studies
  • MA Literature: Politics and Identity
  • PGCE Post-Compulsory Education and Training

Teaching Interests

Katy leads the Level 5 mandatory module, Media and Social Change covering the social impact of various media technologies including film and the internet. She also leads the Level 5 Social Media module, which includes critical, theoretical analysis (including the work of Jürgen Huberman, Henry Jenkins and Manuel Castells), as well as practical, creative work where students develop their own web portal.

At Level 4, Katy leads Internet Cultures, which covers the extent and implications of contemporary cybercultures; and at Level 5 and 6, the Work Project modules.

In the past, Katy has delivered Level 4 and 5 mandatory modules on media and culture theory, including learning and teaching sessions on Louis Althusser and Ideological State Apparatus, Antonio Gramsci and hegemony and Jean Baudrillard and simulacra, for example.

Last year Katy was nominated for the Students’ Union Outstanding Lecturer Award and Outstanding Innovation in Teaching Award.

Research Interests

Katy’s research interests include:

  • Hypermedia and literary gaming
  • Poetry and digital poetry
  • Social media and transmedia
  • Identity politics and gender theory
  • Queer and post-queer politics
  • Video game studies, gamification and ludology (play)
  • Gamified pedagogy

Katy is currently researching the potential embodied connection between the writer, the user and the computer created by ludic-literary texts through ludonarrative analysis. This project also involves the creation of a digital poetic text with ludic-literary features. Her research focusses on whether digital ludic-literature can create queer or post-queer space and catalyse jouissance through play.

Katy is also particularly interested in how she can apply her knowledge and understanding of gamification and play within her teaching practice, experimenting recently with gamified lessons. This is reflected in her recent research on gamified pedagogy and escape room-style learning experiences.



Cutting The Green Ribbon, published by Hesterglock Press in May 2018.

Inheritance, published by Mother’s Milk Books in June 2017.


Facilitated and performed feminist, political poetry and workshop in association with the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham and Birmingham Literature Festival – October 2018.

Performed poetry as part of An Unconventional History of Maidenhood, Mothering and Mistresses for Wolverhampton Arts Festival - June 2018.

Launched Cutting the Green Ribbon at the Hive - May 2018.

Chaired an evening of poetry from the #MeToo anthology, discussing the political and therapeutic potential of poetry –April 2018.

Performed poetry as part of Images from the Past: poetry that confronts and reimagines history – March 2018.

Chaired a creative and digital industries employability panel discussion and networking showcase – March 2018.

Performed poetry at the Free Verse Poetry Book Fair in London – September 2017.

Performed at Ledbury Poetry Festival as part of Comrade: The Enemies Project – July 2017.

Launched Inheritance at Ledbury Poetry Festival – June 2017.

Headlined at Anathema in Bristol, with Ruth Stacey – May 2017.

External Roles

Founding member of the Women’s Equality Party and Branch Leader for the Birmingham branch.