Jacqui Edwards


Senior Lecturer and Course Leader, Game Art

Art & Design Communication

Contact Details

email: Jacqui.Edwards@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 542706

Prior to beginning her teaching practice at the University of Worcester in 2010, Jacqui enjoyed over a decade working as a specialist character animator for the games industry.

Her work within game development encompassed a wide variety of genres and platforms, from AAA titles with big name franchises to casual games for indie developers. Expertise in CGI character animation was developed through this practice in both keyframe and motion capture techniques. Jacqui's commercial work also included many years as a freelance animator and she has a strong belief in bringing the ethos of creative enterprise and practical experience into her teaching.

Originally a Fine Art graduate, this foundation filters into her creative practice as well as her teaching, with a passion for drawing and observation at the root of her animation. Areas of future research interest include the interactive and increasingly immersive experience of animation, from passive viewer to active participant and the cross over from virtual to real-world experience.

Jacqui was awarded the University of Worcester Teaching Award - 2019