Dr Mike Bagshaw

Associate Lecturer in Leadership

Department of Management and Finance

Contact Details

email: m.bagshaw@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 54 2432

Mike is an Organisational Psychologist and Management and Leadership Development professional with over 20 years of consultancy experience in the UK and abroad. He has worked with a wide range of organisations in both the private and public sector, helping them to overcome the more difficult people management, development and leadership issues.

An experienced one-to-one coach and mentor working with people who represent the critical intellectual capital for the future. Mike is also an experienced conference speaker both in the UK and abroad. He is a member of the British Psychological Society.

Teaching & Research

Specialist Teaching Areas
Leading Change
Coaching & Mentoring
Team Development
Communication at Work& Emotional Intelligence
Creativity & Innovation
Decision Making

Specialist Research Areas
Creativity & Leadership
Effectiveness of Leadership Training

Conferences Attended

Mike has spoken and delivered papers at a number of conferences, including:
Pharmaceutical Sales Training Development. QI Productions: Emotional Intelligence and Sales

Aston Science Park: Seminars for Success, Getting the best from your team

CIPD Showcase: Ensuring a sustainable enterprise by looking to the future i.e. the next generation of leaders

Defence Leadership Centre: Life-work balance IOD, Finding your leadership focus

Worcester Breakfast Club: Seeing systems, Know your top, middle and bottom

Sheffield Hallam University Leadership Conference: Finding your core purpose, Innovation

South Gloucestershire Leadership Academy for Head Teachers: Personal leadership and every child matters

International Leadership Symposium, University of Worcester: Emotional Intelligence in business

CTF: Using emotional intelligence at work

The City Trainers Forum: Emotional intelligence

Fire Service Training College: Life-work balance

Institute of Leadership and Management: Diversity - an organisational asset

West Midlands Excellence Network: Sensing and influencing emerging futures

Belgium HR conference in Florence: Employability


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Vol. 28 no 1: Creating employability: how can training and development square the circle between individual and corporate interest?

Vol 29 no 5:Coaching not new but newly relevant

Vol 29 no 6: Employability creating a contract of mutual investment

Vol 29 no 6: Survey on employability

Vol 30 no 3: Coaching, mentoring and the sibling organisation

Vol 30 no 6: Conflict management and mediation: key leadership skills for the millennium

Vol 32 no 2: Emotional Intelligence - Training people to be affective so they can be effective Leadership in the 21st century

Vol 33 no 5 (April 2002): Co-opetition applied to training a case study Radical self-development a bottom-up perspective

Vol 36 no4: Is Diversity Divisive? A Positive Training Approach

Vol 41 no 7: Management and leadership: A competency framework to deliver the National Trusts strategy Highly commended in Emerald Groups awards of excellence

Training Journal
March 2009: Mental capital: The most valuable resource for re-building our future

February 2008: Intelligent leadership through image making

Vol 34 no 10: Networking

April 1999: Knowledge Management

December 2001: Ecoaching its range, scope and benefits

IT Skills
April 1999: After the millennium bug what then?; Why knowledge management is here to stay; Complexity and knowledge management

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International Journal of Professional management
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PhD Psychology in Human rule governed behaviour and conditioning without awareness on temporal schedules of reinforcement.

BA (Hons) Psychology