Dr Katherine Gordon-Smith

Senior Research Fellow in Psychological Medicine

Mood Disorders Research Group

Contact Details

email: k.gordon-smith@worc.ac.uk

Katherine Gordon-Smith is Senior Research Fellow in Psychological Medicine in the Institute of Health & Society.

She is a senior member of the Mood Disorders Research Group. The broad aims of the group are to investigate genetic and other factors that may contribute to the aetiology of bipolar disorder and other related mood and psychotic illnesses, such as schizoaffective disorder and postpartum psychosis.

Katherine qualified with a first class BSc Combined Honours in Psychology and Biology from Aston University in 2000. She went on to work as a Research Associate in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Birmingham, where she was a member of the research field team interviewing individuals with bipolar disorder for ongoing research into the causes of mood disorders. She commenced her PhD at Cardiff University in Psychiatric Genetics in 2003, researching the neuropsychiatric phenotype in Darier disease and this was awarded in 2007. After completing her PhD she continued to work within the Mood Disorders Research Group as a Postdoctoral Researcher within the Institute of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Neurosciences at Cardiff University and then as a Research Fellow at the University of Birmingham. Katherine joined the University of Worcester in October 2015.




2008 PhD Psychiatric Genetics - Cardiff University.
2005 Diploma in Research Methods (with distinction) - Cardiff University.
2000 BSc (Combined Hons) Psychology & Biology - Aston University.


Katherine is a senior member of the Mood Disorders Research Group at the University of Worcester.

She was one of the co-founders of the Bipolar Disorder Research Network (BDRN) , a group of researchers, clinicians and research participants in the UK involved in investigating the underlying causes of bipolar disorder. She was responsible for project managing the recruitment of the large numbers of individuals with bipolar disorder and related mood disorders who continue to generously help with the ongoing mood disorders research studies.

Katherines particular research interest is co-morbidities in bipolar disorder including migraine and anxiety.


PhD Project Ideas:
Emotional intelligence in bipolar disorder
Atopic diseases in bipolar disorder


Katherine has been teaching and assessing undergraduate students for the past 10 years. She particularly enjoys supervising student research projects, and then working with students to help and encourage them to disseminate their research via publication and presentation.

Postgraduate supervision

Katherine is currently supervising Amy Perrys PhD, which is a prospective follow-up study of pregnant women with bipolar disorder to identify risk factors for postpartum episodes of illness. Katherine also has a great deal of experience of mentoring PhD students.


Bipolar Disorder Research Network

British Psychological Society

International Society of Psychiatric Genetics


Total peer-reviewed publications 44

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Forty L, Smith D, Jones L, Jones I, Caesar S, Fraser C, Gordon-Smith K, Craddock N: Identifying hypomanic features in major depressive disorder using the hypomania checklist (HCL-32). Journal of Affective Disorders 2009, 114(1-3):68-73.

External responsibilities

External responsibilities

Katherine has presented her research at numerous national and international conferences. She regularly presents research findings and updates at research meetings and to healthcare professionals and patient support groups.

Katherine is a peer reviewer for the academic journals Bipolar Disorders and the British Journal of Psychiatry and Wellcome Trust grant applications.