Dr Julia West


Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Science

School of Sport and Exercise Science


Contact Details

email: j.west@worc.ac.uk

Julia is a senior lecturer in sport and exercise psychology and part of a vibrant and forward-thinking team of sport and exercise scientists at the University of Worcester. She has published her PhD research whilst at Worcester, which explored the impacts of situational motivation on training and performance. 

Julia is a teaching fellow of the higher education academy and was successful in attaining funding to write about perception of research ethics in some UK universities. As a result of this work Julia was invited to write a chapter on research ethics in sport and exercise science for a handbook in research ethics. The handbook was edited by a lead author and Europe wide consultant for research ethics. 

Julia played in goal for English universities and at the top flight of domestic women’s football. She is now an enthusiastic and dedicated UEFA B licence coach specialising in goalkeeping. Her current research is on goalkeepers and goalkeeping, identifying key demands for training and monitoring purposes. Julia coaches for Worcester City Women Football Club in her spare time. Here she challenges outfield players, goalkeepers and other coaches around their perceptions of the game, facilitating skill development, fitness training and leading the sport science team in supporting the club’s performance focus. 


  • PhD from University of Worcester
  • PGCert for research methods from University of Worcester
  • PGCert for teaching and learning in higher education from Brunel University
  • MSc Sports Coaching from Brunel University BSc First Class (hons)
  • Sports studies and leisure management from Brunel University

Coaching Qualifications

  • UEFA B licence coach
  • FA Level 2 goalkeeping coach

Teaching & Research

Teaching Interests

Julia’s teaching focuses on sport and exercise psychology from an interdisciplinary perspective. She also teaches research methods to a range of students and regularly supervises MSc performance analysis dissertations on football. 

Research Interests

Julia’s research is now focused on football goalkeeping. She wrote one of the first articles about the key demands of the goalkeeper and is now looking at training and assessment processes.

Julia has published articles on psychological and interdisciplinary factors affecting performance and is interested in situational motivation, confidence and resilience in sport.

Julia has also investigated the research ethics processes and has previously published an article and book chapter on this.

PhD Project Ideas

Professional Bodies

  • Teaching Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • The Football Association 


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