Dr Jenny Lewin-Jones

Dr Jenny Lewin-Jones

Senior Lecturer and Admissions Tutor in Sociology

School of Humanities

History, Politics and Sociology

Contact Details

email: j.lewin-jones@worc.ac.uk


  • Doctor of Education (University of Birmingham)
  • BA First Class Hons (University of Nottingham)
  • MA with Distinction (University of Nottingham)
  • Cambridge DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English)

Teaching & Research

Jenny teaches Sociology in the School of Humanities. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, with over 20 years university teaching experience. She runs the Sociology course Twitter account @sociologyworc and her own account @JennyLewinJones.

Jenny's research interests are centred on the role of language in social change. She enjoys teaching a range of modules across the Sociology course, including optional modules on education, emotions, environmental and digital sociology.

Conference Papers

'Running a course Twitter account', 4th Social Media for Learning in Higher Education conference, Nottingham Trent University, January 2019

‘The discourse of ‘internationalisation’ in Higher Education in England’, 3rd International Association for Research in Post-Compulsory Education conference, University of Oxford, July 2018

‘The value and limitations of using metaphors in research’, University of Birmingham School of Education Research Conference, 2017

‘Connecting with Twitter for learning and teaching’, Beyond Boundaries – Annual Learning, Teaching & Student Experience Conference, University of Worcester, June 2017

‘Getting to grips with Critical Discourse Analysis: shedding light on an HE policy document’, University of Birmingham Postgraduate Education conference, November 2016

'Staff-student email (mis)communication: international and home students', Learning, Teaching and Student Experience Conference, University of Worcester, June 2015

'Students as Partners: sharing stories', 2nd annual HEA Arts and Humanities Conference, Brighton, May 2013

‘The ideological function of place names: metonyms within public discourse’ (with M. Webb), Research Focus Conference, University of Worcester, June 2012

‘Model student presentations’ (with R. Brookes and H. Smith), Supporting Student Learning Conference, University of Worcester, June 2012

‘Distinctions in Facebook language with reference to age and gender’ (with B. Mitra), Transforming Audiences 3: Online and mobile media, everyday creativity and DIY Culture Conference 2011, Hosted by University of Westminster, London

‘Student perceptions of video in teaching and learning in Higher Education’ (with B. Mitra, H. Barrett and S. Williamson) 9th CLTR Learning and Teaching Research Conference 2010, Edge Hill University

‘”Sorry, course cancelled”’ What do students think of hybrid language learning as an alternative?’ (with P. Snookes and J. Barker), HEA LLAS Subject Centre Languages in Higher Education 2010 conference: Raising the Standard for Languages, London

'Evaluating the use of Video in Learning and Teaching: the Blended Learning Research Project' (with B. Mitra, H. Barrett & S. Williamson) University of Worcester, 7th Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2009.

‘The Student Experience of Learning: initial results from an investigative study’ (with R. Jones, A. Mason and M. Webb) at the 7th Annual Learning and Teaching Conference ‘Supporting Student Learning’ 2009, University of Worcester

'Children, Gender and Toy Names' (with B. Mitra) at Feminist Transitions Conference 2009, Hosted by Edge Hill University, Liverpool.

‘Student Diversity and the Assessment Dilemma’ CILT/Subject Centre for LLAS - 2008 Languages in HE Conference. Transitions and Connections; University of York 2008

‘New learning technologies – a long journey is made up of small steps’ Supporting Student Learning Conference 2008, University of Worcester 2008  

‘How to engage students in active forms of learning – assessment and collaboration’ Supporting Student Learning Conference 2007, University of Worcester 2007

‘Differentiation strategies for the inclusion of students with severe visual impairment in MFL modules in higher education’ CILT/Subject Centre for LLAS – 2006 Languages in HE Conference. Crossing Frontiers: Languages and the International Dimension; Cardiff University 2006


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