Dr David Storey


Principal Lecturer in Geography

Geography and Environment

Contact Details

email: d.storey@worc.ac.uk
tel: 01905 855189, Room EE G040

David has an eclectic range of research and teaching interests covering aspects of territory and identity, sport and place, rural change and development. David has published widely on these topics and has delivered papers at various international conferences. David has been involved in a number of research and consultancy projects for a range of external organisations. At Worcester, David is Research Degrees Programme Leader for the School of Science and the Environment and a member of the University's Research Degrees Board.

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Academic History/Qualifications

  • Visiting International Fellow, University of Minnesota Duluth, 2012
  • Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Glamorgan, 1992
  • PhD student/part-time Tutor/Research Assistant, University College Cork 1986-92
  • PhD Geography, University College Cork (1993)
  • MSc Geography, Trinity College Dublin (1988)
  • BA Geography and Economics, Trinity College Dublin (1982)

Teaching & Research


BSc Geography

Political Geography
Rural Geography
Heritage Tourism and Place Promotion
Contemporary Debates in Human Geography
People and Place
Changing Places Field Course: Provence

Postgraduate supervision

David Maund (PhD) Moving-on from a rural parish: A multi-disciplinary longitudinal study of demographic change and migration in an area of the English-Welsh borderland (2008)

Nicholas Bennett (MPhil) The role and effectiveness of Parish Councils in Gloucestershire: Adapting to new modes of rural community governance (2006)

Penelope Mell (PhD) The theory and practice of community based strategies in rural areas (1999)


My research interests fall into three broad and intersecting strands.

Territory and national identity
I am interested in how geographic space can be used to assert, to maintain or to resist forms of power, the ways in which ideologies and social practices are manifested in space, and the geographical outcomes of territorial strategies. More specifically, I am interested in the associations between place and national identity. The ways in which generic landscapes or specific places are seen to be central to national narratives is of particular interest. These issues form the core material of my book Territories. The Claiming of Space and related articles and book chapters. I have also made contributions on these topics to major international reference works.

Sport, place and identity
Ideas of identity, place and belonging are reflected through elements of popular culture such as sport which provides a useful prism for the exploration of these ideas at various spatial scales. I am exploring some of the intersections, complexities and contradictions of people-place relations that this raises, in a context of increasing migration of sporting talent. A particular focus of research is on international sports people switching nationalities to compete for countries other than the one in which they were born or brought up. My recent book, Football, Place and National Identity: Transferring Allegiance explores this topic.

Rural development and place promotion
I have explored various aspects of rural socio-economic development in Britain and Ireland. I am particularly interested in the problematic nature of community and the issues surrounding the use of partnership working in rural areas. My research has also examined the commodification of place, the uses (and abuses) of heritage and the dual nature of heritage as both cultural product and economic resource. I have been involved in various research projects undertaken for a range of statutory bodies and voluntary organisations.

Recent Conference Presentations

Storey, D. Migration, identity and representation: Africa's diaspora footballers. SPRING Foundation Symposium, Lille, October 2021

Storey, D. Sport, migration and national identity: ‘African’ footballers and questions of allegiance. European Association of Geographical Societies conference, Galway, May 2019

Storey, D. “Africa won the World Cup”. Football, identity and nationality swapping. Pint of Science, Worcester, May 2019

Storey, D. Sport, National Identity and Citizenship. RGS-IBG Annual Conference, Cardiff, August 2018

Storey, D. Crossing the border: Football, identity and Ireland’s boys in green. Political Studies Association/Sport and Politics Group International Conference, Vic, June 2017

Storey, D. The Gaelic Athletic Association: Balancing community, tradition and modernity. Inter-Disciplinary Net Conference, Oxford, September 2016

Storey, D. Migration: Myths and Realities. Beacons Development Education Centre Annual Conference, Worcester, March 2016

Storey, D. Which Boys In Green?Identity Issues In Irish Soccer. Space, Place and Sport conference, Oxford, September 2015

Storey, D. Re-imagining Market Towns. 8th Quadrennial Conference of British, Canadian and American Rural Geographers, Swansea, July 2015

Storey, D. The In-Humanitarian Present. Waging Endless War. Conference of Irish Geographers, Belfast, May 2015

Storey, D. Sport, place and identity in contemporary Ireland. Conference of Irish Geographers, Galway, May 2013

Storey, D. 'New' migrants in the British countryside. 7th Quadrennial Conference of British, Canadian and American Rural Geographers, Duck Mountain, July 2011

Storey, D. Wearing the green. A game of political football. Conference of Irish Geographers, Maynooth, May 2010

Storey, D.  Answering Ireland’s Call? Sport, place and identity in Ireland. Culture, Media, Sport and Tourism conference, Worcester, March 2010     


Recent Publications

Storey, D. (forthcoming) Territories. The Claiming of Space, (3rd edition), London: Routledge

Storey, D. (2021) Football, Place and National Identity: Transferring Allegiance:  London: Rowman & Littlefield

Storey, D. (ed) (2020) A Research Agenda for Territory and Territoriality, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing

Storey, D. (2020) National allegiance and sporting citizenship: identity choices of ‘African’ footballers, Sport in Society, 23:1, 129-141

Storey, D. (2020) Soccer, identity and sporting citizenship in Ireland: Border crossings, in J. O’Brien, R. Holden and X.  Ginesta (eds), Sport, Globalisation and Identity: New Perspectives on Regions and Nations, London: Routledge, 36-51

Storey, D. (2020) entries on ‘Political Geography’ and ‘Rural development’, in A. Kobayashi (ed.) International Encyclopedia of Human Geography (2nd edition) Oxford: Elsevier

Storey, D. (2018) Territory and territoriality, in A Paasi, J. Harrison and M. Jones (eds) Handbook on the Geographies of Regions and Territories, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 34-43

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Storey, D. (2016) Using heritage to promote rural places, Town & Country Planning 85 (7), 286-288

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Storey, D. (2016) Territory, space and society, in P. Daniels, M. Bradshaw, D. Shaw, J. Sidaway and T. Hall (eds) An Introduction to Human Geography (5th edition), Harlow: Prentice Hall, 421-438

Storey, D. (2015) entries on 'State, Geography of', and 'Territoriality: geographical' in J. Wright (ed.) International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences (2nd edition), Oxford: Elsevier   

Storey, D. (2014) Football in Africa. Migration, identity and globalisation, Geography Review 27 (4), 2-4

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Storey, D. (2012) Territories. The Claiming of Space, (2nd edition), London: Routledge

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Holmes, M. and Storey, D. (2011) Transferring national allegiance: cultural affinity or flag of convenience? Sport in Society 14 (2), 253-271

Storey, D. (2011) Football, place and migration: Foreign footballers in the FA Premier League, Geography 96 (2), 86-94

Barton, A., Storey, D. and Palmer, C. (2011) A trip in the country? Policing drug use in rural settings, in R.I. Mawby and R. Yarwood (eds) Rural Policing and Policing the Rural. A Constable Countryside? Farnham: Ashgate, 147-158

Storey, D. (2010) Using the past: heritage and re-imagining rural places, in D.G. Winchell, D. Ramsey, R. Koster and G.M. Robinson (eds) Geographical Perspectives on Sustainable Rural Change, Rural Development Institute, Brandon University, 374-383

Storey, D. (2010) Partnerships, people and place: Lauding the local in rural development, in G. Halseth, S. Markey and D. Bruce (eds) The Next Rural Economies: Constructing Rural Place in Global Economies, Wallingford: CABI, 155-165   

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University Roles and External Responsibilities

University Roles

Member of International Studies Research Group
Member of UW Research Degrees Board
Member of Research School Learning, Teaching and Quality Sub Committee
School of Science and the Environment Research Degrees Programme Leader
Convenor, School of Science and the Environment Research Seminar Series   
Member of College of Health, Life and Environmental Sciences Research Committee     
Geography Admissions Tutor      
Membership Secretary, UW Branch UCU

External Roles

External Examining (undergraduate)
Current: York St. John University; 
Previous: University College Cork; University of Northampton; Bath Spa University; University of Glamorgan

External examining (postgraduate) MSc by Research, University of Gloucestershire (2017)
Peer Reviewer, PhD Review Colloquium, Architecture and Conflict, Delft Technical University, Netherlands (2018)
Visiting International Fellow, University of Minnesota Duluth (USA), 2012;
External Reviewer, Research Fellowship Scheme, Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick (Ireland) 2008;
Academic Advisor, Commission for Rural Communities (2007-08);
External Consultant, Higher Education Training and Awards Council, Republic of Ireland (2004, 2007);
External Reviewer, Geography, University of Glamorgan 1997, 1998, 2003.

Founder Member, SPRING (Sport and Politics Research International Network Group);
Member of Geographical Society of Ireland;
Member of Critical Geography Forum;

Manuscript referee and book reviewer for a range of academic journals including:
Progress in Human Geography
Environment and Planning D: Society and Space
Political Geography
Social and Cultural Geography
Space and Culture
Journal of Rural Studies
Sociologia Ruralis
Urban Studies
Children's Geographies
Gender, Place and Culture
Journal of Historical Geography
Journal of International Development
Land Use Policy
Geografiska Annaler B
Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie
Geography Compass
European Countryside
Sport in History
Sport in Society
Irish Geography
Irish Studies Review
Arab World Geographer
Critical Arts