Dr Colin Howard


Associate Lecturer

Primary Education

Contact Details

email: c.howard@worc.ac.uk

Dr Colin Howard has been involved in primary education for 24 years of which over 14 years has been as a successful headteacher in both small village and large primary settings. He has a strong research background in educational leadership and the influence that school buildings have upon their stakeholders. He currently inspects schools for the Diocese of Hereford as a S48 SIAMS Inspector.




  • Ph.D (University of Birmingham 2013)
  • Title 'The Influence of new school buildings upon the motivation, morale and job satisfaction of their teaching staff.
  • M.Ed Educational Leadership (Gloucester University 2006).
  • B.Ed (Hons) (Lancaster University 1986).
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education
  • Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Leading Teaching Award (University of Worcester) 2016


Teaching & Research

Teaching Interests

Colin Howard has taught on the following undergraduate and post-graduate courses. He has one completion as a Director of Studies for a PhD entitled Sustaining Teacher Quality: Associations between Primary Teachers Commitment, Professional Identity and Retention. He has successfully supervised students on the Masters Programme at the University of Worcester.


  • Primary Science, Research Methods and Dissertation Studies  (SEND focus)


  • Primary Science, Specialist Research Studies (SEND focus)

Research Interests

  • Educational Leadership
  • Retention of the Talent Pool of Teaching Professionals
  • Teachers’ Professional Lives, Motivation, Morale and Job Satisfaction.

Professional Bodies

  • Member of BELMAS


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