Dr Cedric Marvin Nkiko

Senior Lecturer in Leadership & Organisational behaviour and CMDA Course Leader

Department of Management and Finance

Contact Details

email: c.nkiko@worc.ac.uk

Cedric enjoys teaching and enhancing students and clients’ performance using a combination of practical and theoretical methodologies and solutions in the fields of leadership and strategy, employability skills, sustainability; and entrepreneurship. His research and consultancy interests are in the role businesses and leaders have towards solutions for global challenges and international development. He continues to work closely with national and global stakeholders such as the UN, UNIDO and UNDP.

Teaching & Research

Teaching Interests

Leadership Theory and Development

Mentoring Practice

Professional Development

Strategic Management

Strategic Operational Management

Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility (CSR);

International Entrepreneurship and Strategy in SMEs

Employability Skills

General Management

Business Ethics

Research Methodology

Research Interests

Creativity & Leadership

People Management

Organisational Behaviour

Global Challenges – SDGs

Strategic Management

Strategic Operational Management

Corporate Sustainability & Responsibility (CSR)

Professional Bodies & External Roles

Membership of Professional Bodies

Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE)

Chartered Management Institute (CMI)

Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

Higher Education Academy (HEA)

External Roles

Editorial Board for International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring

Text Reviewer for International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring

Text Reviewer with Oxford University Press for subject of Leadership

Text Reviewer with SAGE Press for subject of Leadership

Associate Editor – Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (JSBE)

Editorial Board Member – Art and Humanity Research Council (AHRC)

Editorial Board Member – Journal of Management and Sustainability (JMS)

Editor Special Issue: Micro-entrepreneurship in low-income and emerging economies (JSBE)

Research Grants & Consultancy Projects

Research Grants

2019-2020 - Creative Network Plus: Baseline Research and Development Project (BREDEP): “Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) - Education in Conflict and Crisis baseline Research”. Funded Amount: £55,312 Role: Principle Investigator

2019-2020 - Engaging Refugee Teachers in Teacher Professional Development: “Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) – University of Derby Internal funding”. Funded Amount: £3,000 Role: Principle Investigator

2016-2019 -“Strengthening Agribusiness Ethics, Quality Standards and ICT Usage in Uganda’s value chains (AGRI-QUEST)” Project funded by NWO (Netherlands Research Foundation) Science for Global Development -WOTRO Science for Global Development. Funded Amount: 300,000 Euros. Role: Co-Investigator – Research & engagement

2015–2017 -The effects inadequate labour policies and practices on Youth Unemployment in Sub-Saharan Africa: “a joint initiative of InOnAfrica (IOA), African Union Commission (AUC) and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). Funded Amount: USD 832.000 Role: Co-Investigator              

2013-2017 Water Supply and Sanitation Project in Kenya: Unlocking Development Potential for Inclusive Growth: “African Development Fund (ADF).  Funded Amount: US$ 27 million CHF; project conducted in collaboration with the United Nations Global Compact Office, New York, USA: Co-Investigator – Stakeholder engagement

2011-2012 Skills for Peace and Income Project (SKIPI) under the Community Livelihood and Rural Industry Support Programme (CLARIS II): “Government of Japan, UNIDO: Funded Amount: USD 120.000. Role: Principle Investigator

Consultancy Projects

2019–2020 Freelance Consultant; Client: UNIDO. Multiple scarring effects of youth unemployment, Skills in Focus report for Skills Development in Africa

2018-19 Freelance Consultant; Client: ERASMUS+ Strengthening key competencies of low skilled people in VET to cover future replacement positions, 8 EU partner).

2017-2018 Freelance Consultant; Client: African Development Bank. Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in Sub-Saharan Africa, preparation of ADBI Draft Working Paper for the African Development Bank,

2016-2019 Freelance Consultant; Client: University of Cambridge Programme for Industry Project: Sustainable Consumption and production: A Business Primer, Cambridge.

2015-2018 Freelance Consultant; Client: United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO); Project: “Corruption Prevention to Foster Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Development”

2014–2017 Freelance Consultant; Client: National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) Project: Engagement, Consultation and Co-production Trends in the Public sector.

2013-2014 Freelance Consultant; Client: University of Liverpool; Project: Growing population in Japan: The effects of age on the trends of UK international students.  

2012-2013 Freelance Consultant; Client: Warwickshire County Council; Project: Warwickshire County Council Co-Production Strategy

2011-2012 - Freelance Consultant; Client: Bank of Botswana; Project: Global sustainability strategy for private banking business



Martin, M. and Nkiko, C. (eds.), forthcoming, COVID-19 Small Business Sustainability and Recovery management strategies. Wiley International Business Publisher, Chester.

Book Chapters

Uddin, N. Doyle, L. and Nkiko, C. (2022) forthcoming, Refugees Youth influence in self-reliance and Small businesses: A Case of Rohingya in Bangladesh ”, in Uddin, N (ed.), The Present with no Future: The Rohingya in the Place of Migration and Beyond, Palgrave MacMillan, London.

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